An emulator that approaches electric piano synthesis like no other ever did

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  • EUR 229.00 | BUY the full version
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  • Devine Machine Software
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  • http://www.devine-machine.com/
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  • Mac OS X
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An emulator that approaches electric piano synthesis like no other ever did Physical modeling:OTR88 is based on a powerful physical modeling engine that doesn’t simply mimic the instrument but captures the full expressivity of the original model.From 3D tine movements to pickup interaction, no samples were used so you can enjoy seamless velocity response and full tonal control of the timbre.Full tonal controlOTR88 electric piano introduces our new "Per-key-Settings" feature that enables musicians to easily and quickly customize the tonal response of the instrument throughout the full keyboard range.This is achieved through a "One for All & All for One" graph-based interface that lets you set all settings for one key or one setting for all keys and experience full control over the tone.With its highly intuitive editing approach, you will find yourself designing a new piano preset from scratch in minutes.If you have ever experienced a real electric piano, you'll enjoy being able to tweak all those mechanisms and do in a few clicks what used to take an afternoon with a screwdriver and buckets of sweat.To complete the picture, a scalar microtonal file import feature has been lately added and implemented in OTR88. Here are some key features of "OTR88": · Seamless velocity response · Infinite tone customisation for each key individually · Lightning fast loading · Less than 10Mb hard drive space required

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