Pitch (class) set theory utility algorithmic front-end to Csound.

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Pitch (class) set theory utility algorithmic front-end to Csound. AthenaCL is an open-source, cross-platform, command-line program that functions as both a pitch (class) set theory utility (capable of both set and voice-leading modeling and analysis) as well as an object-orientated, Python-scripted algorithmic front-end to Csound. These features allow the rapid and flexible scoring of Csound instruments with the power of Python-written texture algorithms.Csound instruments are deployed as textures, layered surface-defining objects containing specialized objects to control rhythm, amplitude, panning, and Csound synthesis and control parameters.Included Csound instruments provide a library of built-in sounds. As a compositional assistant, algorithms create complex textural surfaces, leaving the limitless mixture and placement of these textures and their attributes in the hands of the composer.The algorithmic system controls pitch data by using paths, ordered content-groups.These paths are the fundamental unit of the pitch set utility, allowing the organization, analysis, and modeling of pitch-materials. Paths employ 12-tone set-class and pitch-class notations. Paths can be modeled with the Strausian voice leading system and analyzed with numerous set-class similarity measures. As a desk-reference utility for post-tonal music theory, pitch sets can be searched to find normal-forms, subset vectors, and similarity values. Here are some key features of "athenaCL": · Advanced, easy to use, interactive command line: enter commands with arguments, or just enter the command and athenaCL will prompt the user for all necessary data. · Command history logging, and executable command history. · Graphical displays in EPS (convertible to PDF), Tk GUI, PNG, and JPEG formats, providing Texture arrangement views, Path voice leadings, and Texture parameter event graphs. · Interactive help for every command. Complete HTML / PDF tutorials and reference documentation. Requirements: · Python 2.3 or later.

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