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Perform molarity, dilution, and molar mass calculations.

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Wand Calculator: A versatile chemistry calculator Laboratory tool for chemistry-based calculations. This program has some practical features that can be quite useful in a lab. The application performs mass, concentration and volume computations, with fields for data such as molecular weight and concentration of solution. The interface also has a integrated dilution and molecular weight calculators. MOLECULAR WEIGHT Calculates the molecular weight of any molecule when its chemical formula is written. Answer is given in g/mol (Da). MOLARITY ANALYSIS Relates the given chemical properties to calculate the desired property. Mass, Concentration, OR Volume can be chosen as the unknowns by selecting such with the radio (circle) button. In any case, the known properties' units may be changed by using the drop-down box, BUT the selected unknown's units must be kept as the standard (i.e. g,M,mL) to obtain the correct results. DILUTIONS Calculates the new concentration of a diluted analyte from comparing the values of the analyte before (i.e. initial) and after (i.e. target) dilution. Again, the unknown can be selected by clicking the desired radio button. For the dilution function, all units may be changed simultaneously.

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