Voice Trap

Voice Trap 2.0b Vocal track eliminator and isolator audio plugin

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  • Trevor Magnusson
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Vocal track eliminator and isolator audio plugin Voice Trap was designed to be a vocal track eliminator and isolator. Here are some key features of "Voice Trap": Remove vocal for karaoke (not hip) Isolate vocal for remixing/mash-ups (way hip) Sophisticated FFT & cepstral algorithms, not "left minus right" Back in the old days you could remove the vocal from a stereo track by subtracting the left channel from the right. You only got mono output, The bass was missing, The mix sounded terrible, You could only remove the vocal, not isolate it, It only really worked on old tracks, before they started using stereo reverb. Voice trap offers two sophisticated DSP algorithms: FFT-based center channel suppression / isolation, Cepstral liftering (an advanced technique that can identify harmonically rich elements in a mix). Together these allow Voice Trap to overcome those problems: The output is stereo, The bass frequencies are left untouched, The mix is largely preserved, You can choose to remove the vocal OR isolate it, Good results possible on some modern tracks (ie, with stereo reverb). Limitations: The freeware versions is restricted so that you cannot adjust most of the knobs, so you are hardwired to a pretty narrow range of settings. (You'll be able to hear it working and test compatibility with your host apps, but you probably won't be able to fine tune it to your chosen track.) Requirements: VST Host

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