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Vocal Enhancer is an audio plug-in designed to analyze the audio signal and intelligently improve the characteristics in the source. The product requires PowerCore hardware and a VST host to load up the interface.Intelligent processingThe utility features a user-friendly interface that includes the possibility to enable strong processing of the sound and making various adjustments until the desire result is achieved. There are several presets available that allow setting up a particular configuration quickly and with little effort. Since presets don’t always apply perfectly to the source they can be tweaked and the focus frequency and enhancement level make for a good way to start. Additional parameters that can be altered refer to the low and high filtering borders, very useful for setting the frequency range of the processed piece. Moreover, the user can tinker with the resonance value on a scale from zero to 99 and switch the steepness of the filters between the values of 12db and 24db. Preset configurationsVocal Enhancer does not bring to the table a large set of profiles but it makes available the possibility to create custom ones by playing with the settings and saving them for later use. The default presets feature configurations for improving male and female voice in a track as well as the lead voice. Another profile can be used to add more crisp to the sound. ConclusionThe plug-in is designed for professionals that can distinguish even slight sound distortions. It promises vocal improvements without the side-effects of the listening fatigue or artifacts that are commonly associated with the enhancement technologies. It is easy to use and the effects are noticeable instantly, allowing for further adjustments before saving the project. Reviewed by Ionut Ilascu, last updated on April 11th, 2014

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