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TypingAid is customizable enough to be useful for regular typing and for programming. As you type your word, up to 10 (or as defined in Settings) matches will appear in a drop-down dialog, numbered 1 - 0 (10th). To choose the match you want just hit the associated number on your keyboard (numpad does not work). Alternatively you can select an item from the drop-down using the Up/Down arrows or the mouse. You can define a fixed position for the drop-down dialog to appear by hitting Ctrl-Shift-H to open a small helper window, or by specifying a list of programs in the preferences file. Please note that in Firefox, Thunderbird, and certain other programs you will probably need to open the helper window due to issues detecting the caret position. The script will learn words as you type them if "Learn new words as you type" is set to On in Settings. If you type a word more than 5 times (or as defined in "Minimum length of word to learn") in a single session the word will be permanently added to the list of learned words. Learned words will always appear below predefined words, but will be ranked and ordered among other learned words based on the frequency you type them. You can permanently learn a word by highlighting a word and hitting Ctrl-Shift-C (this works even if "Learn new words as you type" is set to Off). You may use Ctrl-Shift-Del to remove the currently selected Learned Word. Learned words are stored in the WordlistLearned.db sqlite3 database. Learned words are backed up in WordlistLearned.txt. To modify the list of Learned words manually, delete the WordlistLearned.db database, then manually edit the WordlistLearned.txt file. On the next launch of the script, the WordlistLearned.db database will be rebuilt.

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