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With Sleipnir, you can create your ideal browser by changing the design, skin, and visual appearance. You can also add custom functionality to Sleipnir with a wide range of plugins and user scripts. U

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  • Fenrir & Co.
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Browse the Web with beautiful, easy-to-read text The thousands of characters you read today have really all been made beautiful If you are browsing the Web every day, then there isn't a day when any page isn't seeing text. Web browsers that display this text are actually "a tool for reading text". So, the designer at Fenrir Inc. undertook the challenge to make the text you meet the most all the time beautifully drawn. Making text on all pages beautiful will make the entire world of the Web you see from now on a more beautiful place. Have you ever seen jagged text outside of your PC or old video games? Do you think viewing jagged text on your PC is just expected. With the evolution of display performance, the age where PC text has to be rough dots has long gone. Regardless of this, text in everyday browsers is like that of a retro video game. With the emergence of Sleipnir, you can finally browse the Web with modern-like beautiful text on your PC too. Beauty on par with professional graphics tools is expected in Sleipnir In order to most bring out the beauty and ease of reading originally found in text, Sleipnir uses its independently modified font rendering. The display you can tell apart with a glance seems as if the finishing touches of a pro using graphics tools. Browsing the Web with beautiful, easy-to-read text is a real luxury on a PC, but with Sleipnir it is expected. You should now be able to realize just how simple text has become to read. There is no reason to go back to the jagged text of the previous age.

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