Convert protected m4p files in the iTunes Music Store to unprotected m4a files.

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QTFairUse is a software application dumps the raw output of a QuickTime AAC stream to a file, which could bypass the digital rights management (DRM) algorithm called FairPlay used to encrypt music content of media files such as those distributed by the iTunes Store, Apple's online music store. Although these resulting raw AAC files were unplayable by most media players at the time of release, they represented the first attempt at circumventing Apple's encryption. These early versions of QTFairUse would save only the "raw" AAC (not contained in an MPEG-4 (MP4) container), but later incarnations properly supported full conversions. QTFairUse is to convert protected audio files (.m4p extension) purchased from Apple's iTunes Store into M4a files, without DRM. To accomplish this task it uses a rather uncommon approach: instead of removing the already present DRM, it waits for iTunes to play back the protected file and intercepts the unencrypted AAC data stream as it is sent to the sound card. During this process, it copies unencrypted data, frame-by-frame, into RAM and then inserts it into a new MP4 container that is free of any DRM.

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