NetWare Client for Mac OS X

Built completely from the ground up, this OS X Native client allows your Mac to communicate on your Novell Network with Pure...

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  • Shareware
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  • ProSoft Engineering
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  • Mac OS 10.3.9, 10.4.2 or later, and 10.5.x...
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Features of Easy to use * Simply browse the network to find the drives you wish to use * Automount your favorite drives at login time * Retains all of your user privileges granted by the system administrator * Eliminates the need for your system administrator to install Apple® protocols on the server * Can locate servers statically or dynamically Secure * Genuine RSA Encryption for secure login * Passwords are NOT sent over the network in clear text Compatible * Supports NetWare versions 5 and 6 * Communicates with standard IP * NDS Browsing * Native NCP file Handling * Supports NSS volumes up to 8 Terabytes

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