Native OLEDB (ADODB) provider for InterBase and Firebird SQL Servers

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The product is a Native OLE DB provider for access to all versions of InterBase and Firebird SQL-servers. Using IBProvider you can create applications based on: All versions of Microsoft Visual Studio (5.x, 6.x) including Microsoft Visual Studio .Net (ADO.Net) C++ and Delphi Microsoft Office (including Microsoft Access) through the Visual basic for Applications (VBA) ActiveX Scripts and Crystal Reports Windows Scripting Host scenarios ASP and ASP.Net for Web applications development Actually, you can use IBProvider to create any Windows-based applications for InterBase and Firebird. The Brief Overview of IBProvider Features All version of Interbase (IB4.x, IB5.x, IB6.x, IB7.x) and Firebird (FB1.x and FB2.x.) support. Wide range of OLE DB data types and support of all InterBase and Firebird data types. Integrated data type converter. Support of reading & writing BLOB-fields through the streams. Array data type support. Presence of UNICODE mode, providing special support of the following code pages: UNICODE_FSS, WINXXX, DOSXXX. The mode provides automatic conversion for ordinal fields, arrays, BLOB-fields and storage-objects. Three-level isolation of transactions: Read Committed, Snapshot and Snapshot Table Stability. AutoCommit mode with user-specified isolation level. Biphase commit of transaction. Support Microsoft Transaction Server. Support connection pool services. All sets of logic and physical information schemes Now you can use Interbase or Firebird as a linked Microsoft SQL Server for heterogeneous query execution. Support MS Analysis Services. Full support of IB SQL, including a call stored procedures and management of transactions through SQL. Support of ODBC-extensions in SQL-queries. Named and unnamed query parameters support. Automatic recognition of query parameter types. IN-OUT parameters. Client Cursor Engine support. Server Cursor support - four the specialized modes: The unidirectional access, read-only data; The random access, read-only data; The random access, immediate update; The random access, delayed update; Updateable rowsets implementation: Automatic and controlled modes of database update; A pool of the prepared SQL-queries for database update; Possibility to use separate transactions for reading and writing data. There are no size restrictions for the processing data in the all modes: 64-bit access to the automatically created temporary files; High-performance rowset data cache. Support of multithreaded InterBase applications. Multilanguage messages support Custom Data Link Pages. Minimal system requirements: InterBase SQL Server client (gds32.dll) should be installed. IBProvider doesn't require installation of MDAC library service components. Actually IBProvider represent powerful object-oriented low-level client API for work with InterBase and Firebird. Integrating into database applications, IBProvider is capable to incur all work on the organization of interaction with InterBase. As all the resources for work with the database are presented as COM-objects, you do not have traditional client application constraints. Programs can be split up into modules, created in different programming systems. Using scenarios written on VBScript/Jscript, you can add logic that is not realizable on the database level. OLE DB is the standard of access to the data that allows to develop and operate databases easily. Thereby development of large scalable client InterBase and Firebird applications using Microsoft development tools, and any other systems that support OLE DB, has become more accessible and easy that it was before. More info about IBProvider... Distribution kit contains Commercial Release of IBProvider V2 : all implemented functions are accessible time-limit free Commercial Release of IBProvider V1 Client Library for C++Builder (Standard C++, STL): directly cooperating with OLE DB interfaces classes set of useful service classes Examples of IBProvider usage: examples of work with IBProvider IBProvider help (chm).

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