This 3D Studio Max plugin lets you add random detail to your projects.

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  • Max Klanky
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Greeble is a graphic plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max that allows users to insert 3D shapes into their projects in a simple manner. The main purpose is to generate simple, yet fun shapes out of regular objects throughout a basic customization process. Greeble is brought in an extremely lightweight package and makes itself available for a wide array of 3ds Max versions, from 6 to the latest, therefore it benefits users of older and newer editions of Autodesk’s product all the same. The download archive includes a DLM file which needs to be placed inside 3ds Max’s corresponding plugin directory in order to become noticeable inside the editor’s interface. It is recommended to exit Autodesk while performing this operation or restarting it upon completion, for the changes to take effect. Greeble relies on a simple configuration panel that sports a somewhat rudimentary appearance; however, there’s more to it than meets the eye, so try little experiments to evaluate its functionality. Greeble automatically generates a set of quadrilaterals, which can be triangulated at a custom seed value. Users are required to set the minimum and maximum height of the objects and may choose to keep the original geometry untouched. There’s also a widget panel, from where you can select the size, height and density of the various random shapes placed in the design. You can also enable the render option for increased performance. In conclusion, Greeble comes across as an efficient graphic plugin that can generate interesting 3D shapes out of regular objects. The so-called greebles created with this plugin have a high visual impact and the resulting designs can be anything, from cityscapes to spaceship models. Reviewed by Andreea Matei, last updated on February 13th, 2014

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