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It convert MP3 songs into WAV files and burn a CD.

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So you want to convert that cool new MP3 song you just downloaded (one of mine, right?), into a WAV file so you can burn a CD, but how? Is there a simple solution out there? And what about if you want to convert a WAV back into an MP3? Behold ACM Convert, a simple to use standalone utility that allows you to convert between MP3 and WAV, using ACM (Microsofts Audio Compression Management API). Finally, not only is there an easy way to encode WAV's to MP3's, but to decode them back as well! Woohoo! As with all things Microsoft, there are a couple of caveats to get it working (you need both ACM and NetShow installed) - it's especially important to READ THE DOCS!!! For the inside scoop on how this works, refer to the enclosed readme! You will need to have ACM installed on your machine (chances are it already is, I think it's a Default part of IE4 or greater), as well as NetShow to be able to encode MP3's; you can get the latest version of NetShow (3.01) from here . There are also commercially available MP3 encoders that use ACM, such as the Opticom MP3 Encoder , but you have to pay for those. There are also other codecs available, you'll just have to look around for them, but under NO circumstances email me asking about them, I just don't keep track... Also, to help narrow things down, this converter ONLY supports ACM MP3 codecs, nothing else. If you run into ANY problems, make sure to read the docs before emailing me; most of the time it has nothing to do with anything I can help you out with - it's either Microsoft's problem, or the ACM codec problem; plus it's always easier to blame someone else, right? v1.06 Rebuilt and fixed Vista issues

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