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★★★★★ Now also supporting all Android devices, through creating Anaglyph (Red-Cyan) 3D images!★★★★★ What is D33P for 3D Android? D33P (pronounced "deep") is an Android photo album app that takes your usual 2D photos, and convert them into 3D! ★ Convert photos to 3D and view on your phone ★ Access your photos on device, and even from Facebook ★ Send personalized 3D Christmas cards to friends and family! (And New Year cards too :) ★ View and D33pify Featured Photos ★ Now supporting all Android devices, through creating Anaglyph (Red-Cyan) 3D images, while keeping the special 3D screen support for HTC EVO 3D. ★ Swipe left and right through your photos. ★ View and D33pify Featured Photos★★★★★ Announcement: try this app absolutely free! ★★★★★ Current and all previous versions of this app are absolutely free to download. After installing this app, you should have 33 flex credits, plus 3 daily credits every day, to allow you to try converting different photos. If you don't, please email d33papp@joyaether.com and our support team can sort it out for you. You can try it with your Facebook photos, or if you don't have a Facebook account, tap on the "On Device" tab and start converting your photos from your device album!★★ Why use D33P? ★★ Do you have old photos that you have taken in 2D, but cannot be shown as 3D on your EVO 3D? Your new and shiny HTC EVO 3D needs a companion, and D33P is the app! What if you have a 2D Android phone? No problem! With a pair of Red-Cyan glasses, you can view your photos as 3D!Powered by technologies from S Square System, D33P uses the latest advanced Stereoscopic 3D image analysis, based on optics and physics principles, to analyze the composition of a regular photo, and convert it into a 3D photo!★★ What are the best type of pictures to try on? ★★ Scenic photos (e.g. blue sky, ocean, mountains) usually work very well. The more complex the photo composition is, the lower the chance that the resulting effects work well. Play with it and pick out your photos that are best for 3D! ★★ Supported Devices ★★ Our current version supports all Android devices. For HTC EVO 3D, our special EVO 3D support creates naked eyes 3D images on its special "parallax barrier" 3D screen. For all other Android devices, we also produce Anaglyph 3D images, which you can see using Red-Cyan glasses! Support for 2D devices with other simulated 3D effects are coming very soon, so stay tuned!★★ Technical Support ★★ If you find any issues / problems, instead of leaving a comment here, please email us at d33papp@joyaether.com and we'll fix it as soon as possible!

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