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  • Tom Hancocks
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  • http://www.tomhancocks.com/?p=63
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  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
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Access iTunes through any application on your computer TuneBar is a tool designed to help you access iTunes through any application on your computer.TuneBar is designed around the idea that it will take up only the minimal amount of screen space by sliding underneath the menu bar when not in use. This controller gives you access to the most fundamental features of iTunes such as Play/Pause, Next Track, Back Track, Volume and more from with in any running application on your computer.Skip The InterfaceDon't want to stop working on your keyboard to control iTunes? No problem. Simply use one of TuneBar's many customizable keystrokes to play, pause, switch tracks, set ratings, and even show and hide the TuneBar controller - no mouse required. If controlling iTunes was any more convenient, it would be telepathic.Stay Up-to-dateTuneBar provides a small slide-out notification window on track changes so you don't have to go out of your way to identify a song. As with the main controller, this window is both small and out-of-the-way - when the song changes, it slides out with the song, artist, album, and if present the album artwork, and a few seconds later slides back out, leaving you free to continue working or playing.Don't Waste SpaceDesigned entirely around the principle that an application should use only a minimal amount of screen space, TuneBar uses a very small window when you want it - and reduces to a convenient menu bar icon when you don't. Providing instant access to the basic iTunes controls and then some through an easy-to-reach window beneath the menu bar or a menu bar item, you can control iTunes and forget that it's even open. Requirements: · iTunes 7.4 or later · PowerPC G4, G5 (867Mhz or faster) or Intel Core CPU · 512MB RAM Limitations: · 10 days trial period. What's New in This Release: · Resolved issue with TuneBar 3.6 which prevented in running on systems earlier than 10.5.8.

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