REALbasic plugin that creates styled spreadsheet controls.

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REALbasic plugin that creates styled spreadsheet controls. StyleGrid is a REALbasic plugin that creates styled spreadsheet controls.Supports multiple views, different styles in each cell, colspan, cell borders, cell joining, images, CheckBoxes, ProgressBars and colors. Supports, MacOS Classic, MacOS X, Windows and Linux compile.Notes: Full versions are encrypted for registered users. You need the Registrator Application together with a valid serial number to decrypt them. Here are some key features of "StyleGrid": · Three state checkboxes in cells. The checkboxes can be small or normal size. · Popup menus in cells. · Images in cells. · Progress bars in cells. · Notes per cell, can be either invisible or visible with a note marker. · One or many cells can subscribe to the same style object. · Cells can be horizontally joined. · Single selection cell or row mode. · Non continuos multi-selection in row more or boxed multi-selection in non row mode. · Cell borders can be set per direction per cell. · More than one grid can subscribe to the same row objects. · Highly optimized written in platform native code on each platform. Requirements: · REALbasic Mac OS IDE 5.0 or later. Limitations: · Demo versions will display a demo message box in compiled applications. What's New in This Release: · Added a EnableMenuItems event. · Improved multi selection row mode when deselecting by holding down cmd or control key.

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