Feng Office Community Edition

An open source Web Office that will help you to collaborate with your team seamlessly

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  • OpenGoo Team
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An open source Web Office that will help you to collaborate with your team seamlessly Feng Office Community Edition (formerly known as OpenGoo) is a complete solution for every organization to create, collaborate, share and publish all its internal and external documents. You and your team can create and collaborate on:· Text documents· Spreadsheets (coming soon)· Presentations· Task Lists2· E-mails· Calendars· Web Links· ContactsManagement toolsFeng Office Community Edition gives you all the tools to manage the work of all the divisions of your company. You can plan and manage all your projects, easily following the status of every task.Open Source and Open StandardsOpenGoo is open source, and complies with all relevant Open Standards. You are free of vendor lock-in therefore you can customize it to your liking and extend it however you want. You can own your information.NOTE: Feng Office Community Edition is triple-licensed and provided under the terms of the BSD License, the GNU General Public License (GPL), and the GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Requirements: · Apache 2.0 or later · PHP 5.0 or later · MySQL 4.1 or later What's New in This Release: · feature: Allow changing a user's personal workspace. · feature: Add comments to Contacts and Companies. · bugfix: Email deleted from trash was being fetched again from server. · bugfix: Delete mail from server was not working correctly. Could delete non-fetched emails. · bugfix: Workspace description on dashboard was always being shown, despite of the "Show description" option in the workspace edit view. · bugfix: Owner company's email showed a trailing double quote. · bugfix: Unable to add new users under certain password configurations. · bugfix: Added an option to reset user interface state. · bugfix: An UID for sent emails is now generated when stored in the database. · bugfix: Allow the plus sign in rendered URLs. · bugfix: Added a missing config option to detect file types by extension. · bugfix: Hide zip and unzip actions if Zip extension is not installed on server. · bugfix: Users invited to an event were automatically subscribed. Now you can subscibe them by checking a check box. · bugfix: Users invited to an event were not uninvited when editing an event and deselecting them. · bugfix: Archived completed tasks and milestones were not shown in Archived Objects listing. · bugfix: Clicking on a row in the Trash Can doesn't select the row. · bugfix: Selecting a draft email and clicking on "Move to trash" didn't send it to the trash. · bugfix: Drag and drop of tasks and milestones in calendar monthly view was not working. · bugfix: Deleting tags in Overview / View as list was not working. · bugfix: Unable to update a file if revision comments are mandatory. · bugfix: Unable to classify emails with no attachments by using the Classify button. · bugfix: message in emails is no longer shown for quoted text inside quoted text, only for the top level quoted text. · bugfix: Added style to quoted text in sent emails (left border).

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