Protects your Mac from viruses, spyware, adware, hack-tools, paid dialers and jokers targeting

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  • EUR 21.84 | BUY the full version
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  • Doctor Web
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  • http://www.drweb.com/?lng=en
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  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
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  • 24.3 MB

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Protects your Mac from viruses, spyware, adware, hack-tools, paid dialers and jokers targeting Dr.Web for Mac OS X protects computers from viruses, spyware, adware, hack-tools, paid dialers and jokers targeting Mac OS X as well as Windows. Asynchronous scan enables a user to perform any actions with any files instantly – its low system load allows Dr.Web for Mac OS X to run virtually unnoticed. Apart from working with the application GUI system administrators will also be able to launch and control the anti-virus using the command line and add corresponding commands in Apple Scripts. Here are some key features of "Dr.Web": · High-speed scan. · Reliable resident protection. · Minimum system load. · Low updating traffic. · Flexible configuration. · Easy management. · User-friendly interface. · Scan of autorun objects, removable data-storage devices, network and logical drives, e-mails, files and directories including archived files; · three types of scanning: express, full and custom; · file and path exclusions; · automatic, manual and scheduled scan; · customizable actions performed with different types of objects; · detection and neutralization of viruses disguised with unknown packers; · anti-virus log containing time of each event, name and type of the scanned object and the type of action applied to the object; · automatic updating of virus databases and program modules over the internet (on-demand and scheduled); · virus notifications (including event sounds); · different types of tasks; · isolation of infected files in the quarantine. Types of scan: · Three types of scan – Express, Full and Custom – allow you to choose a required depth of scanning and specify objects you want to check. · Choosing the Еxpress scan will tell the scanner to search for viruses only in most vulnerable parts of the system. · Full scan will check all files and folders in the system (except removable data storage devices and network drives). · Use the Custom mode to specify files and folders for scanning. · A user can scan files and objects of all types as well as specify files that need to be scanned and to select actions that will be applied to infected objects even if the anti-virus can't perform an action that has been selected earlier. · Adjustable maximum scanning time per each file for SpIDer Guard?. · Files and folders that do not require to be scanned can be added to the exclusions list. Quarantine: · Suspicious objects are moved to the quarantine · Later after a subsequent update you can try to re-scan quarantined files, cure them, restore to their original locations or delete. · You can also specify the object quarantine storage time and maximum size of the quarantine folder so the anti-virus will prompt you to clean the folder when the size limit is reached. · Objects to which the "Delete" action has been applied can be quarantined temporarily for 30 days. Requirements: · 64 MB RAM · 30 MB free disk space · Internet access for registration and updating Limitations: · 30 days trial

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