Dicom Cleaner

A tool to clean and save DICOM files

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A tool to clean and save DICOM files Dicom Cleaner is a free and open source tool with a user interface for importing, "cleaning" and saving sets of DICOM instances."Cleaning" is used to refer to the process of removing and/or replacing information in the DICOM "header". The user is given control over what to remove and replace, including the ability to import and export without doing any cleaning at all, or to completely de-identify the header and replace the identifying attributes with new values. Use cases that are supported include:· Importing images into the local PACS, changing the Patient ID and Accession Number to local values· Cleaning images for research or teaching, by removing identifiers and replacing them with dummy values· The user is provide with control over:· Replacement values for Patient's Name, Patient's ID and Accession Number· Replacement of all other identifying attributes (e.g., referring doctor's name, etc.)· Removal of descriptions (e.g., Study Description), which though useful may sometimes have identifying information· Removal of patient characteristics (e.g., sex and weight), which are essential for PET SUV but otherwise often removed· Replacement of DICOM unique identifiers, which is performed consistently for a set of instances to maintain referential integrity· Removal of private attributes, except those that are known to be safe to leave and are important (e.g., SUV scale factor)· Addition of a description of the DicomCleaner software as contributing equipment, to maintain a record in the cleaned instances of what tool was used Here are some key features of "Dicom Cleaner": · Import files from a CD or the local hard drive or a shared network drive or any other media, with or without a DICOMDIR · Query and retrieve from remote DICOM devices · "Clean" the DICOM "header" of a selected set of instances · Blackout burned in annotations in the pixel data of the cleaned files · Export the cleaned instances to a folder with a DICOMDIR, which can be burned to a CD or DVD · Send the cleaned instances over the network to a remote DICOM device Requirements: · Java 1.5 or later

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