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Free and open source C++ toolkit for image processing

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Free and open source C++ toolkit for image processing CImg defines simple classes and methods aimed at manipulating generic images in your own C++ code: load/save various file formats, access pixel values, display, resize/rotate/mirror/filter, draw primitives (text, faces, curves, 3D objects), compute statistics, manage user interactions, and more.Provided image classes can represent datasets up to 4-dimension wide (from 1D scalar signals to 3D hyperspectral volumes), with template pixel types. Image collections and sequences are also supported.CImg is self-contained and thus highly portable. It fully works on different operating systems (Mac OS X, Unix, Windows, *BSD) with various C++ compilers (GNU g++, Intel icc, Visual C++, Borland bcc, etc). What's New in This Release: New features : · Added configuration macro 'cimg_file_separator' that takes value "/" or "" · depending on which OS is running. This macro is used in load/save functions · for better portability. · New example file 'examples/gaussian_fit.cpp' which demonstrates how to apply the · Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm to fit a 3-parameter gaussian on a set of sample points. · Added function 'CImg::empty()' that returns a reference to an empty object · (can be used to pass empty images as default values of function parameters). · Added variant of the function 'CImg::draw_triangle()' to draw riangle with linearly · interpolated colors defined at each triangle vertex. · Added a formula parser in CImg, so that many arithmetic operators can use it to · evaluate expressions (given as a C-string). · Added example file 'examples/plotter.cpp' that plots a mathematical function on an interactive window. · Added functions 'CImg::index()' and 'CImg::map()' that can index an image with a multi-spectral · palette, or map a multi-spectral palette on an image. Optimizations / Modifications : · Added parameter 'bytes_per_pixel' to force the use of 8 or 16 bits modes in functions · 'CImg::save_magick()', 'CImg::save_pnm()' and 'CImg::save_png()'. Thanks to Julien Morat · for pointing this out to me. · Added parameter 'backward' to 'CImg::displacement_field()', allowing to select between · forward of backward estimation procedure. · Parameters 'ru,rv' in 'CImg::draw_ellipses()' have been replaced by parameter 'angle'. · Function 'CImg::get_split()' is now able to split an image into bloc of given pixel size. · Changed 'zbuffer' parameter type to 'CImg' in 'CImg::draw_*' functions. · Remove 'GREYCstoration' specific code. The GREYCstoration algorithm is now a part of the G'MIC framework. · Note that the two functions 'CImg::blur_anisotropic()' and 'CImg::blur_patch()' are still here to · smooth an image anisotropically (are the core algorithm of the former GREYCstoration). Bug corrections : · Corrected 'CImg::translate()' : function parameters were the opposite of the real translation done. · Modifications on CImg.h to be more compatible with VC++6. · Corrected 'CImg::get_histogram()'. · Corrected 'CImg::load_ascii()'.

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