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Editor and player for abc music files abc is a text format for the notation of music. BarFly is a text editor which can play abc tunes embedded in text or display them in regular staff notation or in four-line Gregorian chant notation. It can export pictures of the music, standard midi or audio files, and has lots of useful utility functions, e.g. renumber, transpose, reformat or analyse abc tunes. BarFly supports a number of powerful extensions to the abc language such as multivoice, macros and redefinable symbols, and can handle extremely complex abcs. BarFly comes with lots of documentation, tutorials and examples. Here are some key features of "BarFly": · Can display music using shape notes. Both Sacred Harp and Aiken systems are supported. · In multivoice abc you can now use descriptive labels in V: fields, e.g. . · There is a new utility command to convert a whole file of tunes containing old-style V: fields to the newer format. · Added Command-key equivalents for many more menu commands. · The Paste Plain Text command now has its own menu entry. · There is a new Enter Search Text command in the editor. Limitations: · Startup Delay. What's New in This Release: · Fixed a bug which caused the program to lose track of its windows, misbehave and eventually crash after using the Print or Page Setup commands under some versions of OS 10.5. · The File Search command will now search any files with a .abc or .txt extension in addition to files with the file type set to 'TEXT". · Using aligned words (w:) after un-aligned words (W:) in a multi-voice tune will no longer cause the program to crash. (It still won't work - you should not follow a W: field with a w: anyway.) · By default, the program will now not allow you to type smart quotes into the editor. This was causing problems with OS 10.6, which automatically substitutes smart quotes for the straight ascii quotes " and '. Although you can turn this behaviour off in the Language and Text preferences pane, the change does not stick when you re-start (an Apple bug). Smart quotes have no place in abc. If you really want to enter smart quotes (e.g. in the title or words of a tune), there is a checkbox in the General Preferences dialog which will allow it.

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