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  • John Dalgliesh
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  • Mac OS 7 or later
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Anti-virus app offering background protection Agax is an expandable free Mac antivirus program that offers both standard virus-scanning facilities and more advanced background protection, so you don't get infected in the first place. What's New in This Release: · The Defender Log file, which records the actions of Defender and lives in the System Folder, is now limited in size. Whenever it wants to grow over 32KB, it is reduced to 24KB. This means it can always be opened with SimpleText. I hate to think how big some people's log files must be by now. · Now checks for the presence of Drag and Drop interfaces before using them. This change reinstates Agax as compatible with System 7 on 68000 processors. And yes, people do want to run it on such machines. · Better file error reporting. Instead of each additive complaining that it can't check a file if the fork it wanted to check couldn't be opened, Agax now checks this itself and emits a general error message for the file when it occurs. This should clear up a lot of false alarms that occurred when a resource fork was corrupted, leading to the SevenDust additive saying that the file 'may be infected with SevenDust, but no diagnosis could be made (probably because an error occurred opening it)'... it was a big mistake on my part to ever give such an alarming error message under those conditions. · When an examine or repair run finishes, the completion message now indicates the number of files examined. · Adding a warning in the Preferences dialog box when the 'Examine resource forks when opened' checkbox is toggled on. This feature has always been flaky, because no additive yet requires it and I thus haven't had to fix it. The warning counsels the user to leave it off unless they really know what they're doing. · Added debugging output throughout the startup process. This can be turned on by holding down shift when Agax launches. An 'Agax Debug Log' file will then be generated on the desktop. It is intended to debug problems where Agax crashes on startup, as it used to on old systems.

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