MoxQuizz project is an IRC quiz/trivia script for eggdrop.

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MoxQuizz project is an IRC quiz/trivia script for eggdrop. MoxQuizz project is an IRC quiz/trivia script for eggdrop.MoxQuizz is a multilingual IRC quiz/trivia script for eggdrops which acts as a game master. A question is posted to the channel, and all chatter is searched for the answer. If something matches an answer or an optional regular expression, the user who said it receives a point. Highscores and an allstars table are managed. Users can ask their own questions, too. A large set of German and English questions are provided, but you can easily run MoxQuizz with your own set. There are numerous fun commands like !hug, !roll, and others.What's New in This Release:· moxtools: added code to enable users with flag Q to use a .!jump command similiar to the .jump for bot masters· added three new question files with english questions (+788 questions)· added option to prevent overruns (expert players entering a game at a late state and overrun the others to gain a high allstars score). When enabled, MoxQuizz does not accept new players as soon as one player reached a certain threshold in· point (defaults to 15 points)· added !antispam command to moxtools. Sends a antispam.txt file (if available and enabled) from the intl dir.· public commands for quizmasters (flag P): !nuq, !uq, !listnuq for placing users in ignore for userquestsions (for 45 minutes) · added .!identify to moxtools.tcl to manually force the script to identify to a nickserv (flag P)· added another 185 german questions (thanks to "Said Nasser" and his users)· MoxQuizz will purr if it gets patted (sometimes)· dcc "!say !hug FOO" works again

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