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AML is a detection list for Direct Connect Operator Clients.

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AML is a detection list for Direct Connect Operator Clients. Admin Master List (AML) is a detection list for Direct Connect Operator Clients. The list ensures that the clients users use are good and don't contain fake or limiting features.It also helps against proxy and pm spammers. We've got detections for more than 200 clients, the lists are also stable and fast, and are developed by Toast.This is the continuation of the AML Project that started for NMDC.Note: To get full usage of AML your client needs to have the new CDM thats only available in new operator clients. What's New in This Release: · Fixed Bug: "Read the Damn Protocol Spec." · Fixed Bug: 256750 and 256747 are fixed in this version also fixed on UserInfoProfiles.xml · Fixed Bug: 254773 · Fixed some invalid fields found · Fixed Bug: DC++ Mod · Fixed Bug: 254500 · Fixed ApexDC++ and StrongDC++ wrong TS Stated · Fixed Bug: Fixed some errors (Tnx Adrian) also changed some values in detection · Fixed Bug: More Errors in Values.. awaiting new alpha of ApexDC++ to continue work · Fixed Bug: Some values that was faulty · Removed: unused fields in the XML File. · Removed: SU PK LO from UserInfoProfiles.xml · Added: RSX++ 1.00 to Profiles.xml and UserInfoProfiles.xml · Added: UserInfoProfiles.xml · Added: DC++ 0.708 Support to client Profiles.xml · Added: profileVersion.xml for RSX++ · Added: NMDC Only: DC++ Mod · Added: No $TTHL $TTHF Support (Replacement for TTH/ADCGET in clients) · Added: GreylinkDC++ Profile · Added: FlylinkDC++ Profile and fixed on some other profiles.. · Added: ApexDC++ Speed Mod Profile

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