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File Size: 672.85K
OS: Windows 2003, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP
License: Update
Publisher: AOpen

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This package supports the following driver models:

  • Rockwell Voice Modem Serial Wave Device

  • Voice Modem Serial Wave Device

  • V.32bis serial,FaxClass2.0,VoiceView,Voice,Speakerphone,Plug&Play

  • V.32bis serial,FaxClass2.0,VoiceView,Voice,Plug&Play

  • V.32bis serial,VoiceView,Voice,Plug&Play

  • V.32bis serial,Voice,Plug&Play

  • V.32bis serial,VoiceView,Voice,Speakerphone,MediaLink,Plug&Play

  • V.32bis serial,Voice,Speakerphone,MediaLink,Plug&Play

  • V.34 serial,FaxClass2.0,VoiceView,Voice,Plug&Play

  • V.34 serial,FaxClass2.0,VoiceView,Voice,Speakerphone,Plug&Play

  • V.34 serial,FaxClass2.0,VoiceView,Voice,Speakerphone,DSVD,Plug&Play

  • V.34 serial,FaxClass2.0,Voice,Speakerphone,MediaLink,Plug&Play

  • V.34 serial,Voice View,Voice,Speakerphone,MediaLink,Plug&Play

  • V.34 serial,Voice View,Voice,Speakerphone,DSVD,MediaLink,Plug&Play

  • V.32bis parallel,FaxClass2.0,VoiceView,Voice,Speakerphone,Plug&Play

  • V.32bis parallel,FaxClass2.0,VoiceView,Voice,Plug&Play

  • V.32bis parallel,VoiceView,Voice,Plug&Play

  • V.32bis parallel,Voice,Plug&Play

  • V.32bis parallel,VoiceView,Voice,Speakerphone,MediaLink,Plug&Play

  • V.32bis parallel,Voice,Speakerphone,MediaLink,Plug&Play

  • V.34 parallel,FaxClass2.0,VoiceView,Voice,Plug&Play

  • V.34 parallel,FaxClass2.0,VoiceView,Voice,Speakerphone,Plug&Play

  • V.34 parallel,FaxClass2.0,VoiceView,Voice,Speakerphone,DSVD,Plug&Play

  • V.34 parallel,FaxClass2.0,Voice,Speakerphone,MediaLink,Plug&Play

  • V.34 parallel,VoiceView,Voice,Speakerphone,MediaLink,Plug&Play

  • V.34 parallel,VoiceView,Voice,Speakerphone,DSVD,MediaLink,Plug&Play

  • V.32bis PCMCIA,Voice View,Voice,Speakerphone,MediaLink, Plug & Play

  • V.32bis PCMCIA,Voice View, Voice, Plug & Play

  • V.32bis PCMCIA,Voice, Plug & Play

  • V.32bis PCMCIA,Voice View, Voice,Speakerphone,MediaLink, Plug & Play

  • V.32bis PCMCIA,Voice,Speakerphone,DSVD,MediaLink, Plug & Play

  • V.34 PCMCIA,Voice View, Voice,Speakerphone,MediaLink, Plug & Play

  • V.34 PCMCIA,Voice View, Voice, Plug & Play

  • V.34 PCMCIA, Voice, Plug & Play

  • V.34 PCMCIA,Voice View, Voice,Speakerphone,DSVD,MediaLink, Plug & Play

  • v.34

  • MP32 33.6K DATA+FAX+VOICE Modem

  • V.34 serial

  • Magic MP32 3D Audio System CODEC R3.2-D7

  • Magic MP32 CD-ROM ( No Install )

  • Magic MP32 3D Audio System Joystick

  • Magic MP32 3D Audio System Control Registers

  • Magic MP32 3D Audio System MPU-401 Compatible

  • Disabled Device

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