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OS: Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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Publisher: Peter Wimmer
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Windows Media Stereo Muxer is a handy command line tool designed to multiplex audio file. All you need to do is follow the instructions from the command line window.
Open a command line window (Start->Run, enter Cmd) and type WmxMux.exe -i1 "Oldtimers 1080p Left.wmv" -i2 "Oldtimers 1080p Right.wmv" -o "Output.wmv" (adjust the filenames). If WmvMux.exe and your video files are not located in the same directory, it is necessary to specify paths, e.g. "C:\Left.wmv". Input one (-i1) must be the left file, input two (-i2) the right file. Run WmvMux.exe without parameters to get a list of all available options.
By default, the output file will contain the audio track of the first (left) input file only. To keep all audio tracks, specify the -a parameter. Use this option only if your left input file doesn't contain an audio track but only the right one. Avoid to multiplex two audio tracks into the output file (except multi language audio tracks, see below)!
If you have forgotten to choose the proper language in Windows Media Encoder, the Windows Media Stereo Muxer allows to fix it. Specify -l1 "en-us" and -l2 "en-us" to set the language of all streams to English.
Windows Media Stereo Muxer will display an error message if the input files differ in length. If you edited and encoded left and right files properly, this should never happen. Nevertheless, parameter -x allows to ignore different lengths and -d limits the duration of the output file. For example -x -t 6000 will copy the first minute of input files differing in length to the output file. Use these options only if you know exactly what you are doing!

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