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The WildPackets Network Calculator application was designed to be a multi-function utility for the network analysis professional. The Network Calculator includes the Hexpert Calculator (binary-decimal-hexadecimal base conversion), the IP Subnet Calculator (subnet/supernet address computation), and the Latency Calculator (latency calculation across multiple LANs and WANs) in one, convenient program.
Latency Calculator
The Latency Statistics tab gives you the calculated approximate one way or round trip latency data. You may choose to view the data as going from client to server, server to client, or client to server and back. The time a packet spends on the wire of each network is determined by the packet size, bandwidth and propagation delay.
Latency Graphs are provided for easier understanding or a quick view of how much delay each network introduces. Each color on the graph corresponds to the percentage of time a network contributes to the total trip time.
Hexpert Calculator
The Base Lookup table is provided as a quick base conversion reference for virtually any range of numbers that you specify. By default, numbers 0 through 255 are shown. But if you want to see what numbers 12345 through 54321 look like in hexadecimal, binary and octal (doesn't everybody?), then you can.
The Bit-Swapper is new to version 3 of the Hexpert Calculator. Here, you enter a value in the base of your choice and the Bit-Swapper reverses that value either on a byte-by-byte basis or over the entire length of that value.
The OUI Finder is also, anew feature in version 3. The OUI Finder instantly searches nearly 3,500 OUIs for one that you specify. If found, it returns the manufacturer of the network interface card possessing that OUI. In addition, the OUI Finder automatically searches for the bit-swapped version, too.
IP Subnet Calculator
The Address Info Tab displays the class of address and range of addresses for that class, a color-coded bit map for that class of address, the binary representation of that address, and the hexadecimal representation of the address.
The Subnet Info Tab allows you to enter subnet information in five different ways: by number of subnet bits, number of total mask bits, number of subnets, number of hosts, or just the subnet mask in dotted decimal notation. For the information entered, the Calculator generates a color-coded bit map breaking down the network, subnet and host portion, shows you the subnet host address range, the subnet ID and subnet broadcast address.
The Subnet/Hosts Tab generates a table showing the subnet ID, host range of IP addresses, and the subnet broadcast address over a range of user-selectable subnets.
The CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) Tab is particularly interesting for ISPs or corporations with many Class C addresses as it displays information on supernetting (collecting multiple IP addresses together). Within the CIDR Tab, you can enter an IP address and the number of supernet bits you wish to use, and the Calculator will display the number of possible supernets and their address allocation range. The route address and supernet masks used are displayed in dotted decimal and dotted hexadecimal notation.
To test the application you will need to optain a registration key. You can register and account here to receive the key.
Main features:

  • Latency Calculator

  • The Network Setup tab allows you to insert and position networks between two nodes, a client and a server.

  • Hexpert Calculator

  • The Base Converter is where fast decimal to hexadecimal to binary to octal base conversion takes place. As you type numbers in one base, equivalent numbers are shown in the other three.

  • IP Subnet Calculator

  • Given an IP class A, B or C address, several pieces of information can be displayed about that address by selecting one of four tabs: the Address Info, Subnet Info, Subnet/Hosts or CIDR tab.

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