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Torrent Harvester is a file sharing application that you can use to search for torrents on multiple websites and copy their location details, and then use a torrent client to download it. It does not sound so special at this point, but this software saves you the trouble of manually having to go through all torrent websites. It is extremely simple, and it does not require too much of your RAM.Intuitive environment and the search process
After the installation step, enter Torrent Harvester to find a minimal interface that has a search bar, a drop-down list for torrents, as well as help, filter and search buttons. Everything is pretty self-explanatory.
Once you have entered your keyword and pressed the Search button, Torrent Harvester starts scanning through the given torrents, and stops only when every website has been analyzed (unless you press the "Stop" button before the operation is complete). After this process is finished, you can either directly access the torrent website, or choose to download it via the torrent client found on your computer.
View and filter results, and some small setbacks encountered Results are going to appear quite fast in the form of a list in the main window, along with information such as title, size, engine, category, seeds and peers. There is one small inconvenience, however: when you hover the mouse over the aforementioned field, a text box keeps appearing and disappearing, whether searching is active or not (it is supposed to display torrent details, but it disappears too fast for anyone to read them).
Another disadvantage of Torrent Harvester is the fact that you can only search through the names of the torrents. Searching for text found in description is not available. For example, if you wish to look up a song, Harvester will not find it, unless its title is included in the title of the torrent (which is not usually the case).
In the Filter section you can select title, size, engine, category, date, seeds, and peers. You might expect to find some categories to choose from (as most torrent websites support the same format), yet you have to type this information yourself.
ConclusionTorrent Harvester is a quick online searching tool for torrents, and its simple interface makes it easy for anyone to understand the concept behind it (even if they have had no experience with this type of online engine before). It runs quite smoothly, delivering results in a timely fashion, without putting a strain on the computer's performance and without popping up errors or freezing. Nevertheless, an update is in order.
Reviewed by Elena Opris, last updated on July 6th, 2014

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