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Determines frequency of and removes unwanted tone.
Similar to a notch filter (which removes a specified frequency from your audio, such as a 60hz hum). However, you may not know what the specific frequency is - remove.ny determines that frequency plus removes it.
1. remove.ny uses a 0.1-second sound profile to determine the frequency (which it 'samples' from your selection). Specify the time at which you want the sound profile to start (since the unwanted tone might not be constant volume throughout your audio
2. You need to select and apply th'profile' action to generate sound profile. Because sound profile is only 0.1 seconds in duration, press 'l' key (for 'loop play' in Audacity) to listen to the profile repeatedly. Press space bar to stop loop play.
If profile does not contain unwanted tone, undo effect and select a different profile start time. Repeat if needed until profilecontains unwanted tone.
3. Select and apply 'remove' action to sound profile to check accuracy of remove.ny (that is, make sure the unwanted tone is removed from the sound profile) - if accurate, undo effect and apply 'remove' action to your original selection.
4. If unwanted tone is still present in the sound profile after applying 'remove' action to it (which means unwanted tone has lower amplitude than background noise or other sound), re-apply 'remove' action to the sound profile untiltone is removed from profile. Undo once, select and apply 'frequency' action (which determines and displays tone frequency), and make note of the determined frequency.
5. After the tone frequency is determined in the above step, Undo the effect repeatedly until original selection is heard, then select and apply 'notch' filter action (with determined frequency)to the original selection.
1. The wider the octave width value (used to remove a range of frequencies), the more frequencies are removed from the selection - this may result in some portion of audio being removed which you didn't want to remove. If this happens, undo the 'remove' action and re-apply with a smaller octave width value.
2. If the unwanted tone is something other than a sine wave (eg. a square wave), re-apply the 'remove' action until all harmonics of the unwanted tone are removed.
3. as the octave width value decreases, an increasingly noticeable 'click' occurs at the start of the audio which has had the 'remove' action applied to it. (Not important if that section of the selection will be deleted later.)
4. If sound profile contains the unwanted tone as well as other sound, 'frequency' action will give different results depending on octave width value.
5. the remove tone & notch filter functions are an eq-band function applied to the selection with attenuation of -144db & width value set in the octave width control setting.

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