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The graphics calculator is an outstanding piece of software that is built into the QAX Mathematics software program but can also be purchased separately. It can out-perform most hand-held graphics calculator functions and also doubles as a scientific calculator.
Calculator Capabilities:
Equations: solves quadratic, cubic and quartic equations for real and complex roots of.
Solver: will solve any equation where there is only one unknown.
Algebra: factorises quadratics, expands 2, 3 or 4 binomial products, division of polynomials.
Statistics: will calculate mean, median, mode, quartiles, inter-quartile range, stem and leaf, box plots, skew and kurtosis.
Conics: sketches and gives details on circles, parabolas, ellipses and hyperbolas in both Cartesian and polar form.
Probability Distributions: Binomial, Normal, t-Distributions, Chi-Squared, F-Distributions, Poisson, Log Normal, and Exponential forms.
Tables: will calculate a table of y and y’ for any x.
Financial: Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Annuities, Future Value, Present Value and Depreciation.
Vectors: 2D & 3D vectors, add, subtract, find scalar product and cross product. Produces a diagram which demonstrates the addition and subtraction of vectors in 2D and 3D.
Simultaneous Equations: solves simultaneous equations with up to 9 unknowns.
Complex Numbers: add, subtract, multiply divide, square, square root, nth Power, nth Root, Conjugate, scalar multiple and inverse, all in both polar and rectangular form.
Matrices: will add, subtract, multiple, find the inverse, transpose, find the determinant, and scale of matrices.
Fractions: will add, subtract, multiply, divide, simplify and convert to decimal form.
Curve Fitter: will find the curve of best fit for any set of points using many models of regression.
Grapher: will plot graphs and find definite derivatives and integrals along with points of intersection, maxima and minima.
Main features:

  • The program’s pre-test highlights areas of proficiency and guides students to the work that best suits their level of understanding.

  • Complete solutions to over 50,000 maths questions, including working out, gives teachers more time to focus on helping students.

  • Worksheets are quickly and easily created and can be saved, printed or used online.

  • Teachers can quickly tailor work for an individual student or modify work for the class.

  • Interactive software allows proficient students to become self–sufficient and work ahead at their own pace, allowing teachers to spend time with those that need help.

  • The program’s marking and reporting capabilities monitor student progress, and restore teachers’ valuable time.

  • The pre–test ensures that students enter the program at the correct level and are neither overwhelmed nor bored.

  • Students receive instant feedback.

  • Students enjoy the variety of questions and animations and are motivated to complete homework and extra practice at home.

  • Students receive assistance in the form of examples, hints, full working, animations, a graphics calculator and further knowledge building questions.

  • Students spend less time waiting for help from the teacher.

  • Proficient students can accelerate their learning and work at a pace that challenges them.

  • You can create teaching plans that best suit the school, and modify them as required or use the pre–programmed plans.

  • Progress reports for parents and teachers can be generated for individual students, whole classes or year levels.

  • Replacement teachers can continue with the syllabus so that students don’t fall behind.

  • More one–on–one teaching time means better results.

  • Comprehension is improved by explanations, hints, examples and knowledge building questions.

  • Motivated students and 24 hour access from home result in rapid improvement.

  • Grasp of new concepts is increased because they are explained by the teacher and then interactively practised using the program.

  • Parents see their children interacting with the program at home.

  • Parents see improvement in results as QAX improves their children»s understanding.

  • Parents can receive regular updates owing to ease of reporting.

  • Our technical support team can guide your IT administrator through the installation process over the phone.

  • Training will be provided to teachers via our computer based training module. Once initial training is completed, further support is available via phone or email.

  • There is a comprehensive help file within the program that will provide information and instructions to the administrator, teacher and student.

  • Help files can be searched and contain hyperlinks to other appropriate information.

  • The QAX help feature also contains many screen shots, examples and menus that give the user a high level of support when needed.

  • Maintenance & upgrades are included in the price of the QAX Mathematics Complete School Edition (this includes access for teachers, administrators and students).

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