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Photo to Movie creates amazing movies from digital photos with full motion
Photo to Movie can turn your digital photos into spectacular QuickTime movies. It will literally change the way you look at your photos forever. Photo to Movie will gently zoom and pan across your photos, blending them together while moving from one photo to another. Your photos will come alive in a way that will engage and impress your audience. Forget the traditional static slide show - use Photo to Movie to bring your photos alive, focusing attention on the important part of the photo.
Photo to Movie is easy to use. Simply drag photos from the media browser and drop them into Photo to Movie. Photo to Movie will automatically add motion effects and transitions between photos. Drag in some music. Add some titles to describe your movie. Then press preview to see how your movie will look and sound. Choose your rendering format and save it to a file. The QuickTime movie is ready to use in iMovie, iDVD, Final Cut, or any other software that utilizes QuickTime movies.
Add some titles to describe your movie or your photos. Choose the typeface, size, style, drop shadows, and color (including transparency). Position them by direct dragging. Fade the titles in and out for smooth display.
Drag your music from media browser into the timeline and you have a soundtrack to add that extra audience attachment to your movie. You can adjust the timing of the music using the timeline and cross fade music pieces by overlapping them. Use the waveform to synchronize motion with specific sounds within your music. The inspector shows you all of the information about the selected piece of audio. And during rendering you have the choice of any audio format QuickTime supports. Record your own voice narration too.
Form complex, multi-segment motion paths, zooming and rotating your photo along the way. Unlike other similar applications, Photo to Movie allows you to set the motion of the duration along the entire motion path, not just the individual segments. This allows you to have a steady motion speed over the entire path. You can also choose to set motion durations on a segment by segment basis. The keyframes define the motion path, the zoom, and the rotation. You can easily spin in your entire photo by setting the rotation angle to be greater than 360.
Motion presets can be applied to all of your photos necessary. Make your movies look like the beautiful Mac OS screensaver. Then add a tiny amount of rotation to really capture your audience. If the random preset doesn't do your photo justice, then proceed to the manual editing of the keyframes and motion paths.
Once you have created your movie, you can render it to a variety of formats. Render it to the e-mail, web format, or CD-ROM for immediate use. Render it to DV Stream or HDV for use in iMovie, Final Cut, iDVD, or DVD Studio Pro.
Photo to Movie also includes a revolutionary algorithm for optimizing each frame of the movie to nearly eliminate flicker from aliasing when showing the movie on a television.
You can also choose your output format (standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9), and the background color to be used when the key frames go out of bounds of their photos. You can even set the background to transparent so that the movie can be composited on top of another background.

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