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The PanneR was designed to be a very simple, yet very useful and versatile PlugIn. First of all it gives you seperate pan control for each side of a stereo audio track. This is much more accurate than the usual "balance" pot, and similar to the control you have in ProTools for stereo tracks.
It includes my super-pan enhancer, which will let you place signals in pan positions you couldn't access before - beyond the extreem left/right (it's still mono-compatible though, no phasing!). There's also LFO for auto-panning, including a random auto-panner.
PlugIn parameters:
Pan section:
Pan L/Pan R - panning sliders for each side of the stereo signal. Note: there's NO volume compensation, so if both sliders are in the center position signal will sound louder.
Stereo In - when turned OFF, disconnects the right channel, so only the Pan Left slider is active. Use this if you put PanneR on mono tracks.
Super Pan - widens the stereo image. Slide to the right to engage the effect.The super-pan comes after the pan sliders, so extreem left would become even more extreem. When the LED beneath the slider is off, super-pan has no effect.
Auto-Pan section:
Shape - here you select the behaviour of the auto panning. All are simple waveshapes except for "Random", which is a sampled&held white noise.
Pitch - the Auto-Pan speed.
Ammount - as yu turn this knob to the right, auto-panning will widen. When the LED beneath the knob is off, there's no auto-panning at all.
Mirror L/R - when auto-panning stereo signals, this selects whether signals would pan in the same direction, or in opposite directions.

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