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For years I struggled to gain and maintain my vertical. Once I figured out the following secret, I was accused of using steroids, which I don't and never have. But the gains were significant enough that people started noticing. I'll explain the secret to you here.
Proper nutrition is the most important factor in muscle gain. In fact, if you neglect this part of your training, you may find yourself suffering from muscle loss rather than realizing your muscle gain potential. The reason for this is because of anabolism and catabolism, talked about in detail here:
What your diet needs more than anything else
It's protein. There's a reason why this is the most important muscle-sustaining and -building element. Protein is what your muscles are actually made of.
Each protein is made up of amino acids which are classified in the two following categories:
Essential (must be obtained from food)
Nonessential (occurring naturally in the body).
In order for a protein to be usable it must have a full set of amino acids, both essential and nonessential. Many foods, although they contain protein, are not complete proteins and cannot be used for muscle growth.
Once you're sure you're getting enough protein, take a look at the amount of carbs you're consuming. When you take a substantial amount of carbs after a workout, your body will release insulin, which will accelerate the pace in which nutrients are absorbed into the muscles.
Proteins and carbs are two of the most essential nutrients needed to increase your muscle gain. Make sure you're getting enough of both so that your vertical will achieve its maximum growth.
Now that you've got some ideas about ways to improve your vertical jump, how would you like more free tips for how to jump higher? You'll get actionable ways to get the results you want when you sign up here for free vertical jump training.

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