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Protection from viruses, spyware, rootkits and hacker attacks
Why choose Dr.Web?
Cures viruses
A good anti-virus application can detect viruses. Deleting an infected file that may contain important information is one thing, but restoring the file to its original, healthy state is entirely another.
Technologically complex and highly dangerous viruses especially designed for commercial gain are normally tested by virus writers using all known anti-virus software before they release such viruses into the wild; that way the viruses exist undetected by anti-viruses for as long as possible. Before samples of such viruses get into the lab, they cannot be detected by any anti-virus.
Dr.Web detects and cures viruses
* The Dr.Web anti-virus functions on infected computers; its exceptional resistance to viruses makes it stand out among other anti-viruses.
* There is no need to cure a system prior to installing Dr.Web; this is due to the product’s unique technologies for scanning memory processes and its outstanding ability to neutralize active infections. It can even be run from external media without installing it into the system (for example, from a USB stick) and cure active threats during the installation itself.
* The integration of the installation package (the installer) with the updated Dr.Web Anti-rootkit can repel active threats and cure a PC as it is being installed, even if the computer is infected with sophisticated malware.
* Part of Dr.Web Anti-rootkit (Anti-rootkit API, or arkapi), the resident background scan subsystem searches for active threats among such critical Windows areas as start-up objects, running processes and modules, system object heuristics, RAM, MBR/VBR, and BIOS. When threats are detected, the subsystem cures them and blocks harmful effects.
* Dr.Web is capable of detecting and neutralizing viruses that only reside in RAM and never exist as separate files. There are still few anti-viruses that can cure such viruses.
* Dr.Web is able to reliably detect packed malicious objects regardless of whether Dr.Web recognizes the compression format, and disassemble and analyze them in detail to expose hidden threats.
* Only Dr.Web can fully check archives at any nesting level. That means that the Dr.Web anti-virus will detect and neutralize a threat even if it has been compressed many times with various supported archiving programs.
High level of self-protection
Dr.Web is immune to any attempts by malicious programs to disrupt its operation. Dr.Web SelfPROtect is a unique anti-virus component that maintains anti-virus security.
* Dr.Web SelfPROtect is implemented as a driver that operates at the lowest system level. It cannot be stopped or unloaded until a system is rebooted.
* Dr.Web SelfPROtect restricts access to networks, files and folders, certain branches of the Windows Registry, and removable data-storage devices at the system driver level, and protects software from anti-viruses aiming to disrupt Dr.Web’s operation.
* Some anti-viruses modify the Windows kernel by intercepting interruptions, changing vector tables, using other undocumented features, etc. This may have a negative impact on the stability of a system and pave new ways for malicious programs to get into a system. At the same time, Dr.Web SelfPROtect maintains the security of the anti-virus and does not interfere with Windows kernel routines.
* Automatic restoration of its own modules.
Advanced technologies of preventive protection
* FLY-CODE is a unique universal decompression technology that allows viruses packed with packers, unknown even to Dr.Web, to be detected.
* The cutting-edge, non-signature scan technology Origins Tracing ensures the high probability that viruses still unknown to Dr.Web will be detected.
* The heuristic analyzer, whose analysis are based on criteria typical of various groups of malicious programs, detects most known threats.
* Dr.Web blocks the automatic modification of critical Windows objects and controls certain routines that can be exploited to undermine system security, thus expanding preventive protection even further.
Free protection for mobile devices!
Malicious programs that have penetrated mobile devices are much more dangerous than traditional threats, as they give criminal groups full control over their owners’ conversations (including through the possibility of activating a microphone) and movements. The infection of personal devices belonging to company managers and financial officers poses a special danger, as their devices usually have access to the e-banking system. Remember: just 1 – 3 minutes are enough to steal ALL your money!
And, there is the possibility to remotely detonate the battery of a mobile device.

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