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The Drug Design and Optimization Lab (D2OL) works to discover drug candidates against Anthrax, Smallpox, Ebola and SARS and other potentially devastating infectious diseases. D2OL was first to use computational methods to deploy targets against Anthrax, Smallpox and Ebola, and now is first to have a credible SARS target (A target conserved between pig and human coronovirus, the suspected virus behind SARS).The D2OL software is downloaded to your personal computer and given drug candidates to evaluate. Once your computer receives tasks to execute, it begins a candidate evaluation process similar to finding the right key to fit into a lock. All the distributed computing technology can enable the process of sending numerous possible keys to all computing devices that are participating within the network.This site manages the results generated and returned to the network once you connect again to the internet. As a user, no intervention is required and the software executes as long as it is turned on, even when disconnected from the Internet.By applying our tested platform which uniquely takes advantage of all available computing devices within its community including personal computers, servers and eventually devices like TiVo and the Xbox, we are applying massive, cost-effective computing power to combat major health concerns and potential future threats.Using this computing power, our proprietary methodology to identify targets (focusing on epidemiology, drugability and the target's role in the pathogen's lifecycle) and collaborating with experts in computational chemistry and structure based drug design, the D2OL initiative is working to improve our society's ability to respond to the ever increasing threats in a timely manner.Requirements:· Java (included in the installer)Minimum:· 64 MB RAM· 350 MHz ProcessorRecommended:· 256 MB RAM· PIII 700 What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· The ability to control task expiration from the client
· Automatic task monitoring to ensure that D2OL won't affect your computer's interactive performance
· Multiprocessor support
· Automatic detection of the number of processors on your computer
· The ability to run multiple agents automatically with the same node number and only one installation
· The ability to make configuration changes to each agent or have changes propagate across all running agents
· Separate task queues for each agent

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