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CPU benchmarking is the process that assesses the performance of your computer's processor. It's widely used to compare distinct as well as similar systems and usually provides every category of users with the answers they are looking for. It's comprised of various tests that put the CPU to hard work in order to get detailed information about the results of the test sequence.
Since the theory of the megahertz myth emerged, users have slowly increased their interest towards benchmarking. One of the first proofs brought the Intel 80486 and the Pentium processors together for the battle of performance per MHz. The Pentium CPU, in this case, performed not only better but almost twice as fast as the 80486 at the same clock rate.
CPU Free BenchMark is one of those easy-to-use applications for this sort of job. Its interface is not complex at all and you only have to click once for the whole test batch to start. It features three standard non-optimized tests to deliver accurate scores while not favoring any of the market's CPU manufacturers. They consist of Registry, Floating-point and Integer operations tests.
At the end of these tests, a results page is displayed, providing CPU information as well as the Benchmark Score in seconds. Depending on your hardware, the necessary time for the test suite may vary from a few seconds to a few minutes. As the software says, “less is better”. The first operation analyzes the performance of your CPU during creation, editing and deletion of registry keys. The second and third tests are pure mathematical and involve operations with integer and floating numbers.
The application performs 3-pass tests and then calculates the average time interval. The final score results from 20% of the first test score and 40% of each other test score. This way, you can be sure you get a real score that you can compare with your friends or within vast communities. It's fast and reliable, just the kind of simple benchmarking tool you like to use on any computer.
CPU Free BenchMark has built its way in the IT world with no publicity at all and that's what makes a good program great. It's place in the Softpedia Benchmarks category is fully deserved as it features the basics of a rigorous and straightforward CPU benchmarking program. If CPU clock rate is just not enough for you to compare processors, then this application will surely become one of your favorites.

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