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Admin Utility/Tool in title

Ldap Soft AD Admin & Reporting Tool (formerly Ldap Admin Tool) Ldap Directory Client for Windows enhanced with various useful features.
Size: 12.5 MB
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connection Connect LDAP browse LDAP directory  
My LAN Admin Tool A LAN admin program.
Size: 299 KB
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organizer organize admin manage postfix admin  
dbSuite Admin Tool Integrated database administration tool for MySQL
Size: 1.24MB
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Database Administration administration tool  
Ldap Admin Tool Ldap Directory Client for Windows and Linux
Size: 12.9 MB
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admin LDAP LDAP Search LDAP Client File Lock  
Triggers Admin Utility Utility to manage MSMQ 1.0, MSMQ 2.0 and MSMQ 3.0 triggers from the command line
Size: 127 KB
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manager Administration Local Admin MSMQ Trigger  
AOL Admin Removal Tool Remove AOL Admin files and registry keys from your PC.
Size: 22.35MB
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Admin Utility/Tool in tags

XPlica for SharePoint Portal Server 2001 XPlica is a simple replicate workspace utility for SharePoint
Size: 4.1 MB
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workspace Automation replicate data replicate  
Secure Runner Let limited users run programs which require admin rights without giving away the admin password
Size: 491 KB
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admin permission administrator Remote admin admin console  
DDosPing A network admin utility for remotely detecting the most common DDoS programs
Size: 10 KB
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remote scan scanner Network Scanner Remote Scanner  
Sodium Admin Sodium Admin 0.5.1 Beta An easy to use network monitoring and control utility
Size: 4.79 MB
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Network Admin sodium Admin Utility/Tool  
Admin Report Kit for Active Directory ARKAD is a powerful reporting tool for the Microsoft Active Directory Enterprise
Size: 6.57 MB
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admin Active Directory activ admin console  
COM+ Manager With COM+ Manager, administrators now have the ability to see and manage all of the identity information on all of their components/systems in a single view. They can see the places an identity is use
Size: 6.5 MB
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admin postfix admin admin privilege Admin Utility/Tool  

Admin Utility/Tool in description

Any2Service (requires Admin rights - either local admin or network admin).
Size: 951.01K
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Create service manager create service service manager  
Simple Internet Tools com: Simple internet tools is a dozen of simple yet helpful tools for both the common user and Admin's. The IP Calculator is a tool for admin's when they have to config. how they are going to setup th...
Size: 2.66MB
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helpful screensaver Administration Tools helpful  
VNC Admin Console VNC Admin Console is the perfect tool to manage your VNC connections, as a vnc tutorial. You could save VNC Settings for each host in your database. VNC Remote Install is one of the many features of [...
Size: 1.67MB
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java console tight vnc free download ibrower  
Standard Admin Icons Developing a tool for system Administrators, a network utility or a Web-based log file analyzer? Enhance your software or on-line navigation with a set of 82 professionally crafted, easily recognizabl...
Size: 1.0 MB
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admin collection icon collection icon System Administrators  
AppFabric Cache Admin AppFabric Cache Admin is a handy application that was created in order to provide you with an easy to use tool for managing server cache. Using AppFabric Cache Admin you will be able to test the cache...
Size: 1.6 MB
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cache Cluster AppFabric  
Local User Management This local user management tool enables the Administrator to change the status of any user account. The admin can remotely enable or disable any user account just through few mouse clicks. Software di...
Size: 553 KB
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User Management Objects user management Multi-User Domain