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Sweet Dreams This is a tiny shut down timer which reduces the sound volume step by step.
Software Size: 388 KB
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system shutdown scheduler Shutdown Shutdowner  
Prof Shutdown Remote Shutdown/Reboot/Wakeup solution for enterprise-wide and office networks
Software Size: 1.7 MB
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remote schedule Shutdown automatic shutdown remote shutdown  
Hyper Start Now you can minimize the time that it takes to start your PC!
Software Size: 556.6 KB
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manage manager English Dictionary startup minimize  
PC Accelerate Increases priority foreground window and optimize memory status
Software Size: 1.3 MB
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optimizer tweak wind accelerator perfomance review  
MyPendrivePRO myPendriveX4 enables extended autorun and backup functions for removable drives
Software Size: 2.53MB
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usb drive USB autorun pendrive  
Register Hot Key This little software will enable you to easily launch applications using predefined keys.
Software Size: 2.88MB
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hot keys definition hotkey Launcher launch  
Lazy Mouse A free, easy to access menu that can appear anywhere on the screen!
Software Size: 625 KB
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shortcut Menu launch launch program navigation navigate  
ShutDownOne Pro Auto Power OFF or Power On computer at defined time, run programs, auto-login
Software Size: 809 KB
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shutdown computer auto login Restart restart computer  
MyPendrive MyPendrive enables extended autorun functions for USB drives, like starting portable apps directly at drive connection. Version 2.0 offers enhanced backup functions and allows you to easily customize
Software Size: 1.7MB
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best instagram for macbook memorex cd label china mobile pc  
Hydrogen: Quick Start Execute programs at specified times
Software Size: 966.23K
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manager start-up Quick Start IE Quick Start hydrogen power  
Auto Shutdown Genius Lets you automate your PC power off, log off, lock workstation, hibernate, standby
Software Size: 1.3 MB
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scheduler Shutdown schedule shutdown standby hibernate pc  
TopDesk Introduces the 3D Alt-Tab replacement
Software Size: 1.6 MB
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sort minimizer desktop Rocker Switch Switch icon Tile