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CQFZ Problems Creator for Chemistry CQFZ Magic Problems Creator for Chemistry has a powerful Wizard to help you Create your own custom problems collections - Inorganic nomenclature: Oxides, salts, acids, mono and polyatomic ions, halide
Software Size: 1.82 MB
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pic monkey photo quickeys midi download  
GFCD Generador de Problemas Fisica GFCD Generador de problemas de Fisica para Windows
Software Size: 1.9 MB
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Spectro Octave Analyzer A software that provides you with the ability to perform octave measurements using your PC or laptop sound card
Software Size: 12.30 MB
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analyzer spectrum octave sequencer octave control  
Spectro Frequency Analyzer A useful sound frequency measuring utility
Software Size: 12.42 MB
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analyzer frequency analyisis spectrum analysis Frequency  
Spectro Spectrum Analyzer Spectro Spectrum Analyzer consists of a Frequency Analyzer and Octave Analyzer with the ability to perform real-time acoustic analysis on your PC with a sound card.
Software Size: 12.59 MB
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spectrum analyzer audio spectrum FFT analysis FFT  
KaLiBat Calculaton of heat loss coeff. (thermal bridge), according to European standards
Software Size: 584 KB
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calculate Thermal Printer coefficient thermal  
XTerm Medical Dictionary Study with this freeware medical dictionary.
Software Size: 1.53MB
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dictionary medical term medical dictionary  
FullRecall A flashcard-like program that uses Neural Network for scheduling reviews
Software Size: 725.07K
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Tester neural network schedule scheduler korean flashcard  
GSA Image Analyser An application designed to analyse 2D-Images of any kind
Software Size: 17.6 MB
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analyzer analysis calculation analyze image  
StarStrider Visit stars & planets, see galaxies & nebulas, try this 3D software planetarium!
Software Size: 15.8 MB
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simulation Galaxy 3D planetarium planetarium  
BioStat 2007 BioStat - user-friendly biology and medicine oriented statistical software.With BioStat 2006, one gets a robust suite of statistics tools and graphical analysis methods that are easily accessed though
Software Size: 26579K
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biology library biology medicine statistics  
StormPredator View, track, and forecast storms on radar for any location in USA
Software Size: 92.5 MB
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Forecast storm topo windows 2007 fruit loop beat