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Integrica Integrica provides features and functionality to help you keep an eye on all areas of your life.
Software Size: 16.48MB
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event expense life  
My Zodiac Calendar With this program you can play with astrology and do serious calendaring at the same time. It shows the horoscope sign, moon phase and position of planets for a selected date while keeping track of yo
Software Size: 6.25MB
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calendar Horoscope zodiac Moon position daily calendar  
Inside IChing Inside IChing utilizes the ancient wisdom of the Chinese Oracle.
Software Size: 1.48MB
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Astrology Chinese Chinese Astrology buddhist wisdom  
Islam Helps you to read, search, print The Koran holy muslim book on your PC with animation
Software Size: 19.7 MB
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book Muslim prayer Muslim Isha muslim koran book  
Prashna Kundali Explorer Prashna Kundali Explorer is the world's only horary software based on Vedic Horary Astrology (Prashna) system. The software gives you complete analysis of your query based on Vedic astrology along wit
Software Size: 4.9 MB
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Muhurtha Astrology Vedic astrology Hindu astrology  
Church Directory church directory and christian resources, christian radio stations
Software Size: 1.1 MB
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christian christian screensaver CHRISTIAN CALENDER  
BibleStudy1 Desktop Bible Study video list generator that creates up-to-date list at runtime
Software Size: 492 KB
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List Generator keyword list generator Folder List Generator  
Bible Study Pro Study 43 Bibles with 1mil. refs, 250,000 commentaties
Software Size: 26.4 MB
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learn religion study read bible bible Holy Bible  
Salaat Time Allows you to select from a variety of included Athans or use your own Athan for each Prayer.
Software Size: 12.0 MB
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religion Gregorian to Hijri Islam prayer time  
SmartRoster A really easy scheduling application for churches, clubs, and other family based organizations
Software Size: 5.78 MB
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Create roster schedule Create Schedule work schedule  
The KJV Desktop Bible Book An interactive and pleasant Bible.
Software Size: 9.2 MB
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Read book bible Bible Book study Bible  
Free Bible Study - Add Any Texts Free Bible Study - Add Any Text - Includes Bibles and Resources.
Software Size: 8.14MB
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online collect information research Bible study study Bible