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Atomic Clock A gadget for synchronizing your PC clock
Software Size: 97.83 KB
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Widget clock time synchronize digital clock Syncronizer  
Kill Bill Clock Kill Bill Clock is actually a modified version of the SquareClock
Software Size: 511 KB
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clock time desktop clock displayer time displayer  
Santa Clock A small program that tells you how many days are leftuntil Christmas.
Software Size: 688.09K
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clock hear hear text santa Christmas Clock hear screensaver  
Gorgy Clock Gorgy Clock is a clock based on the famous Gorgy Clock design
Software Size: 355 KB
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clock time digital clock displayer time displayer  
Hex Clock Hex Clock widget is a desktop analog clock witha a geek hexadecimal design and function.
Software Size: 191 KB
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clock time hex desktop clock Geek stick Geek Tools  
ListCal Basic text-based Widget to keep track of important dates
Software Size: 7 KB
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task job List Task Manager task list track widget  
EiT Clock & CPU usage EiT Clock & CPU usage widget is a fancy desktop clock which allows you to monitor your CPU as well.
Software Size: 251.42K
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clock desktop CPU desktop clock CPU Usage cpu monitor  
Softcode Analog Clock Softcode Analog Clock is a clock that shows you the date and time and has an alarm as well.
Software Size: 975 KB
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Widget clock analog digital clock time displayer  
alienClock A kind of binary clock. Just add the values to read the time
Software Size: 47 KB
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Widget clock desktop desktop clock read binary midi  
simpleCal Provides a compact reference calendar
Software Size: 10 KB
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Widget clock calendar desktop calendar date  
miPictureClock This Widget has been designed as a combination tool for not only telling the time, but also displaying your pictures
Software Size: 4.7 MB
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clock desktop image desktop clock clock widget  
Pi Clock Pi Clock replaces the hour numbers (1,2,3...12) with their angle equivalents in radians
Software Size: 254 KB
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clock time display modify angle time displayer calculate pi