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Xylograph LE Try this plug-in filter that creates halftone and curved line effects.
Software Size: 108.05K
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halftoning effect generate guilloche guilloche generator  
Background Remover Delete the background from your pictures
Software Size: 6.46MB
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delete Remove Remover Photoshop plugin Background  
Image Operation Process and convert batch images.
Software Size: 1.1MB
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process image process image CEVT mechanism format mechanism  
Craquelure 3D plug-in Extended version of well known craquelure effect
Software Size: 123 KB
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plug-in Create effect Photoshop plug-in create effect  
Water Ripples plug-in The highly realistic water ripples effect designer with impressive 3D quality.
Software Size: 133 KB
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Water Quality analyzer Water Quality 3D structures designer  
Color Picker for Logo Design This tool was created to enable youto easily and quickly create professional-looking logos.
Software Size: 612.89K
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color picker color picker Pixel pick color  

Software Size: -
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GrowCut GrowCut is an interactive image cutout tool designed to extract solid or opaque objects. Image cutout is the process of removing or isolating an object in a picture. Using advanced image segmentation
Software Size: 4.13MB
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image adobe Photoshop plugin segmentation  
Disketch CD Label Software Disketch CD and DVD disc labeling software for Windows.
Software Size: 338 KB
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database labeling labeling labeling tool enzymatic labeling  
FirmTools RedEyeBot Remove red-eye automatically from numerous digital pictures!
Software Size: 2.32MB
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editor Remover red-eye removal remove red eye  
Imagine Picture Viewer View your images with the help of this tool.
Software Size: 3.8 MB
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viewer view view image image viewer display display image  
SView5 Image Display, Processing and Conversion Tool with C/C++ SDK
Software Size: 1.9 MB
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Converter convert viewer Image Editor view image