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Velneo vDevelop Velneo vDevelop is a programming tool for developing management and database applications in a completely visual way
Software Size: 19.37MB
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database programming develop develop database  
IGS-Replicator IGS-Replicator 2.0 makes the exchange of data between databases a pleasure. All the functions you need are at your fingertips in a single intuitive environment, and the program handles most of the com
Software Size: 25.3 MB
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data move IGS move Dropbox data move data  
4TOPS Query Tree Editor for MS Access 4TOPS Query Tree Editor is an add-in for MS Access for query development. Create queries using templates. Edit and run queries from a tree dialog. The Query Tree dialog displays the dependency tree of
Software Size: 1.64MB
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Create query Structured Query Language Query to HTML  
Quick Query MS Access Plug in. A context sensitive, simple way to perform SQL based queries.
Software Size: 552.5K
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plug-in query context sensitive help microsoft access  
Exult Professional Edition for Oracle This software was designed to help you shred XML and import the data into an Oracle database.
Software Size: 31.6 MB
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import Shred shred xml Oracle database Shred File  
EMS Data Export 2007 for MySQL Export data from MySQL databases to MS Excel, Word, HTML, and TXT.
Software Size: 5.47M
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HTML export export t html export html Excel to TXT  
dbQwikMySSH Secure MySQL data transmissions to your PC. Connect to MySQL servers that block remote connections. This program is a fantastically simple way to connect to MySQL using SSH encrypted tunnels. It has a
Software Size: 2.5 MB
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data connect SSH port connect to port  
Visual Importer Professional Visual Importer Professional is an ETL automation tool. User can design Import, Export and SQL scripts, add them to the Package and schedule it for execution on regular basis. Visual Importer Professi
Software Size: 8.1 MB
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sql importer odbc ODBC database plugin ODBC Connection  
ABC Amber Access Converter Convert MS Access files to any format.
Software Size: 1.1 MB
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Converter convert number conversion batch conversion  
Visual Importer Enterprise In this tool you'll find the powerful functions of Visual Importer and Visual Importer Professional
Software Size: 32.89MB
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import importer Automation update database load database  
Visual Importer Imports data into Oracle, SQL Server, ODBC, from flat files, cross tables or ODBC
Software Size: 5.5 MB
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sql view import importer manage database Connect  
D-Softs DBC Database Compare,Data Compare tool,sort sync scipts with database dependencies.
Software Size: 1000 KB
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compare Compare Database Table Compare Library