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Automate external backups to LaCie drives.
SilverKeeper is a freeware application from LaCie that automates Backups to external storage devices like hard disks optical disks, and other removable storage devices that have IDE, ATAPI, SCSI, USB, or Firewire interfaces.Essentially any read/write device that can mount on the Macintosh Desktop can be used with SilverKeeper. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· Allow Set Name to be changed after it is defined.
· Fixed issue with write protected source folder. (-5000 error)
· Changed copyright to 2008-2009.
· Changed progress Sheet Dialog to display Files, not Items.
· Changed Log to only report entries for files. Errors with folders -- creating or changing attributes -- will still be reported.
· Make sure Synchronize Sets reports only files and packages. 1 report per package even if multiple differences -- entire package is updated.
· Make sure Compare Sets reports only files and packages. 1 report per package even if multiple differences.
· Increased the default maximum log warnings from 20 to 100. (Compare Sets reports differences as warnings)
· On Volume to Volume backup, set the Destination Volume's owner, group, and privileges to match Source.
· Fixed Setup Assistant to properly display Data Used when selecting a non-empty Destination (used to display
· volume size)
· Greatly improved display time of large Log files (still slows down to around 3 seconds to load a 30MB file)
· Reduced the default maximum Log size from 100MB to 30 MB (it will always keep a single log entry no matter how large)
· Fixed algorithm for limiting size of Log files by removing older backup entries.
· Properly display the Log file on 10.3.9
· Fixed Setup Assistant button to launch Disk Utility under 10.3.9
· Fix Exceptions list to handle file/folder sizes between 100 Kb and 999 Kb.
· In Exceptions, adding an alias does just that, does not resolve the alias.
· In Exceptions, fix the Icon to show that of the item in the list, not the source volume.
· In Exceptions, change the dialog layout to be more intuitive.
· In Exceptions, the control "Show Invisible Files" is now pre-set to match Preferences "Show and count Invisible files".
· In Preferences, changed default "Show and count Invisible files" to "off" -- .DS_Store no longer displayed as files are updated.
· In progress dialog (during Backup etc), invisible folders at the root level are shown in gray. To show something when invisible folders are being processed.
· In Email SilverKeeper, added SilverKeeper version and Mac OS version to the report.
· In Email SilverKeeper, updated entries for Preferences to match the Preferences dialog panels.
· Extend timeout for drive spin up from 1 minute to 2 minutes (giving plenty of time for RAID drives).
· Changed scheduler launch of SilverKeeper to eliminate 3 second timeout.
· Fixed scheduler to ask user to backup if SilverKeeper is already open (and user house/keyboard happened within the last minute.)
· Put in a test for duplicate Set names, changing duplicates to Name_1, Name_2 etc.
· Automatically change default preferences if SK 2.0.2 has NOT been run previously : Max Log size was 100MB, so if it is 100 MB set to new max of 30 MB, or the maximum existing log file size plus 5 MB, whichever is smaller. Show Invisibles files is turned off. Max Warning was 20, so if it is 20 set to new Max Warnings to 100. When copying to a Folder with Max Copies greater than 1 then: Create new Copy folder if the Last Backup completed with no err. (Backup after Abort or error goes into the same folder) New folder is created if the day of backup is different than the last backup. Creation and Modified dates for the copy folder is set to the time the folder is created/modified.
· When copying to a Folder with Max Copies equal to 1: Creation and Modified dates for the copy folder is set to match the source folder.
· Corrected error text: “Failed to Write Destination” and “Failed to Read Source”
· Ignore errors related to dynamic temp files created by system during backup operation; not part of the backup.
· Sleep re-enabled after backup, if backup was started while computer was sleeping.
Changed Options so edits to "Set Name" and "No of Copies" take effect whenever mouse is clicked outside the respective control and "focus" is removed:
· Added a confirmation message to Exceptions "Remove Items" button.
· Fixed a number of small issues with Setup Assistant associated with choosing a Destination volume that is too small to hold the entire system backup.
· Added Warning messages when turning "Copy Set to Folder" off. Two types of messages are now available. a) Ask before removing Set or Sets that have been created. b) warns about other files/folders that will be removed during actual Backup.
· Added code for changing "Set Name" to rename log files to match the new Set name. Until now, changing Set Name would lose the log information and leave unused log files under the old Set name.
· To simplify coding, only dates 1-28 are available for the days of the month schedule. Dates 29-31 are not available for scheduling.
· Additional tests and warnings if Destination volume fills during the backup.
· Improved sparse image support – unmounted volumes and missing volumes.
· If “Ignore ownership” was enable on Destination drive, it is disabled for the backup, then setting is restored when backup is completed.
· Improvements to Setup Assistant, if Restore Set was selected.

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