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OS: Mac OS X
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Publisher: Steven Noonan

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C++ application framework for Mac OS X, Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows
Basically, it provides a few cross-platform classes which will allow you to do things without having need to change your code between platforms.CrissCross light-weight cross platform C++ library for console and file I/O, fast data structures, CPU identification (CPUID), and sockets (TCP and UDP).NOTE: CrissCross source code is available under the BSD License. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· Updated xcodeproj to use .bash_login and removed hard-coded path to git.
· Deprecated the 10.3.9 SDK, Mac OS X 10.4 is now the minimum required Mac OS X version for CrissCross.
· Added a QuadTree descent level check to ensure that the quadtree descends only a finite number of levels.
· Added the 'ascend' operation to the quadtrees for improved performance with removal operations.
· Merge commit 'tycho/master'
· Updated quadtree to use DArray rather than STL.
· COPYING: added newline at end of file
· xcode: fix for generating the build number with git
· errors: added CC_ERR_TIMED_OUT
· msvc: Adding Visual Studio 2005 project
· xcode: debug should be partially universal for ppc test builds on intel macs
· dos2unix: universal_include.cpp
· rbtree: fix incorrect parent linkage
· rbtree: eliminate unused variable
· rbtree: fixed node validity inconsistencies
· darray: allow non-encapsulated arrays (primarily for tree conversions)
· rbtree: NULL is not always valid for data
· darray: no throw because we don't have C++ exceptions by policy
· trees: no duplicate key support anymore
· CoreIOReader: silly extra static keyword
· avltree: incorrect error value
· console: falsely marked 'allocated' console
· CPUID: now works on Mac OS X
· genprime: printout consistency and better pregen
· xcode: parent project framework search paths for ARC++
· llist: uses NullKey appropriately
· filereader: rb instead of rt, because rt was failing with certain newlines
· core_io_reader: Remove dumb Read() func.
· main(): InitTimer on app init
· Filesystem: added opendir/readdir replacements for Windows only
· genprime: added '-p' option for pregenerated primes
· CheckMark: 'checksum' is kind of a hinky term
· filesystem.{cpp,h}: chmod -x
· quadtree: added to project
· cc_min and cc_max now use Compare()
· universal_include.h: fix cc_min/cc_max to use proper namespacing
· Quadtree: fix 'nodes.remove' -> 'nodes.erase'
· Merge branch 'master' of git://
· quadtree.h: protect some internal variables
· quadtree.h: protect some internal variables
· copyright dates: now read '2006-2009'
· Merge branch 'master' of git://
· generatebuildnumber: source the proper file
· CMake: use '-p' parameter for making the GCH dir
· *printf: ensure proper string literal format parameter is used
· Console: remove Read*()
· CoreIOReader::ReadLine: Now returns -1 if fgets() fails
· CMake: use -fno-strict-aliasing
· CMakeLists.txt: use -Os by default
· build number: use git describe from now on
· use --long to prevent extra parsing work
· properly handle -rcX values
· don't display the long data if we're at a tag commit
· QuickSort: rewritten to be much faster, no longer deprecated
· gitignore: ignore blah~ files
· uncrustify: ran uncrustify on all the code
· CrissCross v0.7.3-rc1
· CheckMark: decrease runtime and add proper description of a 'Mark'
· CMakeLists: add -fno-common and -Wundef
· universal_include: fix warnings generated by -Wundef
· vec2.h: use _hypotf for Windows builds
· vs2005: generate build number using the new method
· don't replace build_number.h unless necessary
· fix empty string bug
· works on Mac OS X now
· gitignore: ignoring all DS_Store files
· CMakeLists.txt: fix build number script for Windows CMake builds
· build number: drop errors on missing files
· universal_include: add GCC extension support Signed-off-by: Steven Noonan
· addressToString: fix awkward line breaks in SymGetLineFromAddr call
· universal_include: fix warnings related to already defined extensions
· uncrustfy: ran uncrustify on the source
· core_socket: some platforms have a stupid non-const send() parameter
· universal_include.h: __unused -> __unused_param
· gethostbyname: on Linux, takes char* instead of const char* param
· TestSuite: *Tree tests are more rigorous now
· TestSuite: initialize random number generator on start
· TestSuite: SHA* broke due to clobbered length variable
· TestSuite: print file and line number in assertion
· RandomNumber: use lrand48 on non-Windows machines
· AVLTree: simple optimization in findNode
· universal_include.h: add sys/time.h include for *NIX and BSD platforms
· TestSuite: add missing TREE_ITEMS define
· mutexes and locks: rewrote mutex interface, added read/write locks
· Merge branch 'master' of
· mutex.cpp: fix mixed line endings
· quadtree: fix thread-safe constructor to have standard quadtree parameters
· quadtree: fix thread-safe objectsincircle to call with appropriate params
· quadtree: thread-safe InsertObject should be void
· debug.cpp: make Mac OS X backtrace prettier
· quadtree: thread safe quadtree compile error on GCC corrected
· xcodeproj: fix some small errors regarding debug output
· quadtree: return DArray pointer to avoid invoking copy contructor lots of times
· quadtree: fix incorrect indirection
· quadtree: fix read-write lock mechanism (LOCK_READ -> RW_LOCK_READ, etc)
· quadtree: much faster nearest neighbor detection
· quadtree: fix corruption and add count limiter
· quadtree: use virtual functions
· darray: remove 'encapsulation' nonsense
· DArray: remove old pop() function
· GenPrime: eiminate obsolete 'nop' instructions
· backtrace: eliminate "ISO C++ forbids casting between pointer-to-function and pointer-to-object" warning
· TestSuite: bool on PPC Darwin is 4 bytes
· source bashrc before running
· properly handle cases where not under version control
· mutex.h: fix documentation error

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