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Unread SMS Fixer Free tool to fix wrong unread SMS count on an iPhone
Software Size: 20 KB
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fix fix sms count sms count fixer fix message count  
iphone-quickreply iPhone Mobile Substrate plug-in to quickly reply to an SMS
Software Size: 14 KB
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SMS plug-in sms reply Mobile Substrate plug-in reply to sms  
Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone Allows you to check your voicemail messages on your Asterisk phone system from your iPhone
Software Size: 1002 KB
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message check voicemail check message voicemail message  
iSlsk iSlsk - The soulseek P2P client for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Software Size: 244 KB
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iPhone p2p client p2p client iPhone application  
ColloQ ColloQ - An improved IRC client for the iPhone, based upon mColloquy.
Software Size: 272 KB
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iPhone client irc iPhone messaging IRC client  
Taskbar Notifier Taskbar Notifier - Adds an envelope icon in the taskbar when you receive an email message and a speech bubble on a new SMS
Software Size: 78 KB
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email notifier email SMS e-mail sms notifier sms alert  
Mobile Juhu Mobile Juhu - A mobile version of juhu for the iPhone and iPod touch.
Software Size: 282 KB
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client mobile jaiku web service jaiku client Mobile Juhu  
iChabber iChabber - Simple gtalk and jabber client for the ipod touch and iphone.
Software Size: 132 KB
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client jabber jabber client iPhone messaging Gtalk client  
iVoIP An open source VoIP client for the iPhone
Software Size: 4.1 MB
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iPhone VoIP sip open source VoIP client SIP client  
iRCm GUI-based Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Mobile for Apple iPhone.
Software Size: 136 KB
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Messenger chat chatter iphone IRC iphone messenger  
Freeteor Free Meteor Ireland webtexts for iPhone.
Software Size: 100 KB
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free webtext iPhone webtext Meteor Ireland Meteor Ireland  
iPhone Chat iPhone Chat - A great IM solution for your iPhone.
Software Size: 1.1 MB
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iPhone message IM iPhone messaging IM account