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FLACImporter Spotlight importer for FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files
Software Size: 118 KB
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audio importer spotlight importer codec audio codec  
Searchlight Network capability for Spotlight
Software Size: 6.3 MB
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network search engine searcher web interface spotlight  
Ziplight Lets you search inside zip files quickly and easily.
Software Size: 168 KB
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search archive spotlight spotlight plugin search archives  
X3F Utilities Provides a Spotlight importer and a QuickLook plugin for the X3f raw photo format.
Software Size: 102 KB
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viewer quicklook plugin RAW X3F Utilities X3F viewer X3F  
Spotless Enable and disable Spotlight's auto indexing of volumes with the click of a button.
Software Size: 693 KB
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disable enable spotlight enable indexing  
Spotlight for WordPerfect Enables Spotlight search of WP files.
Software Size: 1.1 MB
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enable plugin spotlight spotlight plugin enable Spotlight  
oggspotlightplugin Free and open source OGG Spotlight Plugin
Software Size: 11 KB
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import importer spotlight plugin ogg importer import ogg  
Spotlight Filter Spotlight Filter for Quark 7 (3-5 textsearch only) documents
Software Size: 256 KB
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filter QuarkXPress spotlight quarkxpress filter  
delimport delimport - Index bookmarks
Software Size: 381 KB
Download now bookmarks import import bookmarks  
NeoLight NeoLight - Allows Spotlight to index NeoOffice and OpenOffice docs
Software Size: 72 KB
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search plugin index documents spotlight spotlight plugin  
Clean FolderAction List Clean FolderAction List searches the list of folders with folderactions which no longer exist
Software Size: 61 KB
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action trash folder action search FolderAction  
OggImporter OggImporter - Spotlight importer for Ogg (FLAC) and Ogg (Vorbis) files
Software Size: 309 KB
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search metadata spotlight importer ogg Ogg Vorbis