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Zap Resource Forks.action Provides a free Automator action to remove resource forks
Software Size: 297 KB
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resource remove fork remove resource fork Automator action  
Ready-Set-Do! Simple, reliable workflow on a Mac
Software Size: 37.9 MB
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mac workflow script apple script workflow tool  
Merge Folders Merge the contents of folders
Software Size: 21 KB
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content merge merge folders folder contents merging script  
ABNAmro2QIF Convert an Internet banking ABN Amro tab delimited file to QIF
Software Size: 110 KB
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converter convert Automator action abn amro converter  
Combine PDFs REALbasic example for PDF embeded pages.
Software Size: 314 KB
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embed combine embed pages reorder pages combine pages  
DockSpace An Automator action that helps you organize your dock.
Software Size: 98 KB
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dock space Automator action add dock spacer generate spacer  
iPhoto Thumbnailer A great Automator action that generates thumbnails for your iPhoto images.
Software Size: 117 KB
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generate create creator create thumbnail generate thumbnail  
Image Thumbnailer Easily create thumbnails for your pictures.
Software Size: 116 KB
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generate create creator create thumbnail generate thumbnail  
Hidden-Filer Easily see your hidden files.
Software Size: 150 KB
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show hide show hidden files Automator action  
Flatten Movies An Automator action that is able to flatten Quicktime movies.
Software Size: 376 KB
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action flat automator Automator action  
Audiomaton Trim, Convert, Amplify, Fade, Compress, Normalize, Split, Merge, Scheduled Recording and more.
Software Size: 5.9 MB
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task audio process Audio maton audio processing audio task  
Convert to PDF An Automator action that helps you convert documents to PDF
Software Size: 254 KB
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converter convert pdf Automator action PDF converter