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Instapaper Allows you to easily send any URL to your Instapaper.
Software Size: 46 KB
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send url Automator action send URL Instapaper send to Instapaper  
Get Parent Folder Automator action that returns the parent folder of the input files and folders
Software Size: 15 KB
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action return Automator action parent folder return parent folder get parent folder  
Shyness Cocoa text service to add and remove soft hyphenation
Software Size: 9 KB
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service Snow Leopard Service remove remove soft hyphenation Cocoa text service soft hypenation  
Convert to JPG Automator workflow for batch converting images to the JPG format
Software Size: 2 KB
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converter convert image converter jpg converter convert to JPG convert2JPG  
SVN Update Automator action for automating Subversion checkouts
Software Size: 51 KB
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automate subversion checkout Automator action Subversion checkout checkout automation  
RenameScreenCaptures Automator fodler action which automatically renames your screen capture images to the old format
Software Size: 74 KB
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screenshot automate rename rename screenshot screnshot folder action rename automation  

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start BrainVoyager QX Automator action which will start BrainVoyager QX on your Mac
File size: 9 KB
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launch automate Automator action launch BrainVoyager BrainVoyager launcher BrainVoyager  
Image Processor Free Automator action for batch processing images
File size: 68 KB
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process scale resize process image image manipulation Automator action  
Extract Pages from PDF Automator workflow for extracting pages from a PDF
File size: 2 KB
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split pdf extract pdf splitter automator workflow extract page  
Filter by Creator - Type Automator action that filters all inputs files by their Creator or Type or both
File size: 12 KB
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action filter automate Automator action filter automation filter action  
Batch Apply Spotlight Keywords Automator utility for adding custom Spotlight keywords to multiple files at once
File size: 126 KB
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batch spotlight automator workflow keyword add Spotlight keywords apply Spotlight keywords  
Send PDF To Word Snow Leopard service to send a multipage PDF to a new Word document
File size: 1.1 MB
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service Snow Leopard Service workflow PDF workflow PDF to Word PDF2Word  

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