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Dez An open source and free asynchronous network stack for Python
Software Size: 30 KB
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server deploy http server benchmark server benchmark  
Cwm A free and general purpose data processor for the semantic web
Software Size: 594 KB
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process processor data processor xml processor  
Sprox An open source tool for creation of web widgets directly from database schema
Software Size: 43 KB
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generate create create web widget web widget creator  
Image Uploader Provides an user-friendly web interface for uploading multiple files
Software Size: 19.5 MB
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upload uploader process upload images image uploader  
Gallery Free command line based tool that will help you convert videos and images for use on the web
Software Size: 19 KB
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gallery convert build video converter build web gallery  
Bitnami MAPPStack Software platform that greatly simplifies the deployment of Apache, PostgreSQL and PHP on OS X
Software Size: 41 MB
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deploy deployment install apache installer  
MojoMojo An open source and free CMS that delivers an experience similar to many blogs and wikis
Software Size: 1.2 MB
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wiki cms administrate website cms cotent manager  
SiteTool Open source and command line-based toolset designed to help web developers create and manipulate HTML p...
Software Size: 38 KB
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manage website webpage website manager manage website  
Aejaks Open source web development toolkit for Ajax-enabled web apps
Software Size: 20.3 MB
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editor develop ide web app development ajax development  
TracGViz Trac Data Sources for Google Visualization API. Embed iGoogle gadgets using WikiFormatting.
Software Size: 119 KB
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embed trac embed igoogle gadget trac plugin trac plug-in  
Pyjamas Build AJAX apps in Python (like Google did for Java)
Software Size: 1.9 MB
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develop compile framework web app development  
Loggix A really simple PHP and SQLite logging engine
Software Size: 2.6 MB
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blog engine cms blog engine cms engine weblog engine