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Code Collector Pro A storage application for code snippets
Software Size: 2.8 MB
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code snippet Code Collector collector code snippet  
HDCrashReporter Catch program crashes different
Software Size: 48 KB
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developer framework developer framework catch crashes  
GCFolderBrowser Simple interface component for browsing a folder hierarchy
Software Size: 58 KB
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browse control browser folder browser browse folder  
DKRouteFinder A practical Cocoa solution for the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP)
Software Size: 7 KB
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find finder route route finder find route  
GCPaletteView General Purpose Dockable Palettes Classes
Software Size: 101 KB
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implement implementation implement dockable palette  
GCContourPlotter Generate contours and convert to vector/bezier form
Software Size: 37 KB
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generate generator Generate contour CONREC implementation  
GCMathParser Make mathematical expression available in your applications
Software Size: 45 KB
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development develop implement  
GCWindowMenu Turn any view into a pop-up
Software Size: 46 KB
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view viewer pop-up view pop-up viewer view window menu  
GCZoomView Painlessly handling the zoom feature
Software Size: 3 KB
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NSView Zoom subclass NSView subclass zoom subclass  
QSegmentWidget Custom widget for Qt
Software Size: 115 KB
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widget develop qt qt development qt widget develop qt app  
flexFarm Tools to charge and improve ActionScript development
Software Size: 15 KB
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development improve actionscript debugger  
Cocoa AudioUnits Cocoa AudioUnit wrapper with support for Cocoa and Carbon views
Software Size: 20 KB
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cocoa wrapper AudioUnit wrapper AudioUnit cocoa